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2. Entering Ether

1. The Future of Gaming

Entering Ether

on 2004-05-20 23:15:27

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After about an hour of intense thinking, I finally had an AVATAR I could deal with. I had read some reports that said you were locked into the first AVATAR you created, so you better get it right the first time. I choice things carefully, and figured to be safest I would make a balanced character. The interesting thing about Ether was that since there were so many sub-worlds, you never knew what you would want to do, so you do not pick a class or job until you get to the travelers guild in the sub-world you are going to be exploring. I was panning my starting destination for Epic City. It was a bit of a mix of technology and medieval times in that there were still horse drawn carriages and blacksmiths forging swords, but there were also floating airships and laser rifles. This was the main hub, the location you would start at when you wanted to put a party together for quests or something.

Another unique thing about this area was the shops. You could find any store you were looking for here, from conventional weapons, to futuristic and to even places that let you build it from your mind. Clothes were the same, from normal to extravagant and all sorts in between.

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