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8. mom?

7. Mom Wanted A Girl

6. Mother enters

5. Enter Joker

4. A typo

3. Second outage

2. Power Outage

1. The Future of Gaming

What did she tell you?

on 2012-10-16 02:34:58

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mom had always told me how happy she was when she got me. "Im so glad you are a boy" was one of the things ive grew up hearing. Now mom said she had always wanted a girl? I looked at her. Mom? i said stuttering. "You have always said you were happy about me being a boy" I paused for a moment. " And now that ive turned into a girl you aretelling me that you have always wanted a girl?" She looked at me. I think she was looking for something to answer. " David, what i said a moment ago was.....

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