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2. Swap chain RP?

1. The Forum

Anyone up for it?

on 2013-05-22 01:00:01

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One of my favorite threads in the YAWYW is the swap chain. I like the concept, but would like to apply it a little differently, especially as far as TG goes. I am one of those who operates primarily in TG and I don't always want to wait for a gender swap. I was thinking a chance on swap for the person to be TG'd (at role player's discretion)

When a character swaps, they won't notice that the other person looks different. they will only notice their own change, while thinking the others have always been that way. When Age is swapped, say between a 16 year old and 7 year old, they may not swap entirely. For example, instead of the 16 year old turning in to a 7 year old, they may simply loose 4 years, while the 7 year old ages 4 years, or the 16 year old may loose as much as 16 years, becoming unborn, while the 7 year old ages those 16 years. Or visa versa with the 7 year old.

I was thinking we both control characters, and have a dual-swap chain going around. When a swap is initiated, I will Tf your character, and when I initiate a swap, you'll tf my characters. Maybe we can keep it going for a few characters.

I do want to swap more than age and gender. I was thinking everything one could think of. Breast firmness, mental attributes, even specific body parts, too. just a general swap-a-rama. If anyone's interested, send an IM to If you don't mind, leave a brief message letting me know its in reply to this post, or else I may think your spam. If your interested, we can discuss any more specifics involving which tfs we want and such.

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