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37. From Shorts to Skirts

36. Arriving at the Mall

35. New Friends

34. Reaching a Deal

33. Tiffany Sanders

32. After School

31. Taking Stock

30. New Shoes? Already...

29. Eyeliner

28. Last Class of the Day?

27. Wrong Answer

26. After Class

25. Lower Down yet Higher Up

24. Zoe's Friend

23. Amber's Rule

22. Lipstick challenge Failed.

21. To the Cafeteria

20. Daring Escape (Alternate)

19. Sissy Curse: Womanly Figure

18. Asking for Help

Sissy Curse: Shorts to Skirts

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Jon gulped upon discovering where the girls had led him. In every direction he looked there were displays filled with girls clothes, including a rather large selection of skirts of varying lengths.

"Remember what we were talking about in the car Jenna?" Tiffany said, smiling. "Well today we're starting with getting you out of those cargo shorts and into something much more suitable."

"Hey Tiff, mind if I take the lead on this one?" Ami asked, "I wanna have some fun with Jenna."

"Sure thing Ami. She's all yours while we're here." Tiffany replied.

'Wait. They can pass me around?!' Jon thought. 'Shit! That means there's another 3 rules I can end up with!'

"So Ami, what's the plan for Jenna's look? Those cargo shorts have GOT to go." Holly grinned.

"Oh, definitely agreed." Ami replied, looking around. "Since her top and shoes are currently Sissy ones though, I think we need a skirt that's more girly than normal. Nothing at the level of a sissy though."

"I'll look over here!" Holly replied. "Oh yeah, what size are we looking for?"

"Hmm, not sure." Ami replied. "We'll work something out."

"We'll need to get her a purse or something as well." Tiffany said, "After all, us girls usually don't get pockets on a lot of our clothes. I'll see if I can find a nice one for her."

As Tiffany left to go look at purses and bags, Ami fished Jon's notebook out of his bag.

"Let's see what I can add." She said, looking through the list.

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