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5. Karyn's Parts: Jon goes to Vic

4. Karyn's Parts: Jon goes to the

3. Karyn's Parts: Karyn "supports

2. Karyn's Parts: Karyn surprises

1. You Are What You Wish

Karyn's Parts: Jon goes to Victoria's Secret

avatar on 2021-07-30 02:07:35

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“There, how does that fit?” the Victoria’s Secret sales lady said as Jon stood in front of the mirror in the changing room. He was wearing a new Baby Blue Bra and Panty set, that his mother had insisted he try on. Jon had never been more embarrassed in his entire life. The last Two hours have been one humiliation after another. First, being measured by the sales lady, who couldn’t have been more amused by the sight of a teenage boy who was sporting the biggest and most perfect breasts he had ever seen.

All the little comments she kept making about how precious he was, and how sweet he is, or how cute this set of underwear was, or even all the suggestions she kept making to is mother about what to buy. Jon was soon to be the proud owner of 15 sets of bra’s and panties, because they’re sold as sets, naturally. He was also going home with 5 new sports bras. And the sales lady insisted that his mother buy him 7 nighties that he could sleep in.

Jon dreaded what would happen once they got home, his mother had made a comment about ‘not needing those nasty boy underwear anymore’ and he hoped that it didn’t mean what he thought.

“It fits fine, I guess.” Jon replied to the sales lady as he tried to adjust the way it hugged his breasts.

“Great.” She chirped “Your mother said you’ll be wearing those out.” She said leaving him to pull his pants on over his new panties. The feeling of jeans caressing his ass over the silky panties was something new to him. He pulled his T-shirt on over his bra and couldn’t help but notice how much more prominent they looked and how obvious it was to anyone with a pair of eyes that he had huge tits.

He walked to the cash register at the back of the store, where his mother was finishing ringing up all their purchases. There were four bright Pink Victoria’s Secret bags sitting on the counter.

“Grab the bags dear.” Jon’s mom said as she slipped her credit card back into her wallet and walked through the store to the front door.

Jon picked up the bags and followed her, his impressive breasts bouncing playfully with each step. It was when he was feet from the door of the store, about to head back out into the mall that he heard a sound that froze his blood cold.

“Jon?” Sarah McMillian called out from near the leggings “Jon, is that you?!”

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