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2. Why the hate on Sarah

1. The Forum

Why does everyone want to hate on Sarah in YAWYW

on 2013-04-12 04:41:35

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In You Are What You Wish the character of Sarah seems to get a lot of hate thrown at her, she was made into a clear stereotypical cheerleader archetype for the purpose of being hated on. It seems to me anyway that Sarah is a character that was created for the sole purpose of being nothing more than a bitch with no redeeming qualities and this seems like a disservice in every way. While I have no doubt that there are cheerleaders that fall into this category of archetypes the vast majority are anything but like this. While myself am not the best of writers it would be nice to see a story with Sarah being a little more human and less of a stereotype. What is so wrong with making Sarah into a likable character. with so many possibilities in universe about a magic stone that grants infinite wishes many characters regrettably don't change in anyway shape or form from one series of events to the next. Kind of a let really.

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