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2. Power Outage

1. The Future of Gaming

Power Outage

on 2004-02-26 00:30:08

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Suddenly, everything went black, all sudden like. I turned my head back and forth trying to, well I don't know what I was trying to do, but I didn;t actually accomplish anything, of course.
Finally, I pulled the "doughnut" off my head and, as I glanced about my room, realized all the power was out.
"Oh shit, not again!" I exclaimed.
There had been an increasing number of power outages over the last few weeks in my area, and it looked like it had happened again, and at the worst possible time.
I thought about calling Suzie, but realized she was probably already hooked up and in the game.
There was nothing I could do except wait, and hope she wasn't too mad when I didn't show up on time.
It took nearly an hour, but the power did finally come back on, and so I rushed right back in, not paying too much attention as I tried to create an avatar as fast as I could, so I could meet up with Suzie and experience Ether in all its glory.

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