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2. The Remote

1. The Forum

The Remote

on 2013-03-08 02:14:57

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She walked into his house and sat on the couch. He sat right next to her with a big grin on his face. She noticed the tv was missing. "Dude, what happened to your TV?" she asked.

"I sold it to buy a remote." He answered as he took out a remote control.

"That's gotta be the stupidest thing I've ever heard." She said while shaking her head.

With a grin still on his face he replied. "It isn't just any remote. It's a magic remote, it doesn't control TV's, it controls people."

She shook her head again and kept denying it. "You just got scammed dude!"

"Do you need a demostration?" He asked.

"Fine, try it out on me." She taunted.

He pointed to her a clicked rewind.

"Fine, try it out on me." She repeated. "See, told you it wouldn't work, now let's figure out what we're gonna do today."

He was confused as why she didn't notice. He pointed to her and increased the volume.


Obviously annoyed he hit the mute button on her. She tried to keep talking but couldn't. She tried to cough but everything was silent. She felt around her neck in confusion. She took out a piece of paper and wrote out "I've seen to lost my voice, could I have a glass of water?"

He chuckled and pushed the volume up button just once, giving her only a wisper.
"hey dude, can you hear me, I think all the screaming messed up my voice." She quietly said. "Come over here so you can hear me" He got closer and she wispered in his ear "dude I think you gotta get rid of that remote, you're starting to look stupid." She said while still at a the volume of a mouse. He set her back to normal not knowing why she didn't notice what was happening to her. Then he got an idea. He set her to slow-mo. It looked funny how she slowly took out her phone to answer a text and hit every key one at a time. While she was texting he couldn't help but stare at her ample breast. She didn't notice his looking so he went in for a good minute of fondling her breasts. She was still texting when he pulled his hands back. She slowly looked up and her expression gradually changed into one of shock.

"Duuuuuuuude.....diiiiiiiddd.......I......saaaaaaayyy.....yyoooooouuuu.....coooooulllld.....toooouuccchhh.....myyyyyyyyy.....booooooooooobs?" She said in a slow angry voice. She was going towards him to slap him but he hit the instant reply button and she was back to texting in slow-motion. He sped up her up to normal. "Are we going anywhere, or are you going to spend all day trying to work that stupid remote."

He was browesing through the options in the screen desplay when he noticed an exact picture of her was on screen. He selected her mouth and hit delete. In an instant her lips were replaced with a blank spot of skin. She still continued texting as if nothing happened.

"Hey what happened to your mouth!" He said in shock.

She glanced at him with a look of annoyance, she started texting again when his phone went off. He looked that he had a message from her. It said: "You dolt, you know I never had a mouth!"

He was too creeped out and hit reset. She was back with her mouth. "Dude, I gotta go, I think it's going to rain soon."

He didn't want her to leave so he selected the legs option and hit the change channel button. The legs morphed into folded up paper streamers. They flopped around his couch as she stood there sitting. The streamers took the color of her jeans, feet, and flats. "On second thought" she stated. "I think I'll stay here, I don't want my legs getting wet in the rain, they might come off."

He was baffeled by what she was saying. "Seriosously, you don't think it's odd your legs are made of paper?"

"Not at all, you know I love arts and crafts. This was a project I did when I was bored. Besides this makes me great for parties, well kids parties anyways."

He made some more changes to her with that idea in his head.

click Her nose was now a clown nose

"Hey you wanna hear a joke" She said in a high pitch goofy voice.

click Her arms were made of balloons tied in the shape of arms

"You think I should go to the gym and work out, my arms practically are hollow, or should I just add some more air?

click Her hair was made of platic confetti

"I wish I could straigten this hair, but the iron would melt the plastic!"

click Her breasts were two mounds of ice cream cake with frosting all over and cheeries for nipples.

"Ugh, that rain canceled the party, now my breasts are going to melt! Do you want to eat them for me?"

He was beginning to get aroused, but couldn't see her in a strange state without being weirded out, so he reset her back to normal. "What were we talking about again?" She pondered.

"Oh uh nothing just relaxing here." He replied.

"Sigh, you shouldn't of sold your tv, we could of been watching it right now."

"I'm telling you this is real. I've been using it on you this whole time. Ugh you're such a complainer I wish I could just change that.....hmmmmm." He said with his eyes focused on her.

"Fine Mr. Magic Remote, if you can make something enterating happen to watch." She commanded

"Ugh don't be such a bitch, or be one, I don't care." Without a specific part chosen he pointed the remote at her and pressed the change channel button.


Suddenly her body changed into that of a dog. She jumped all over him and began licking his face entusicalically. "C'mon Let's go out! I wanna go out! Come on come on come on!" She kept repeating. He was getting annoyed with her, so he took the remote again.

"Well you're friendly now, but not in the way I wanted." He stated.


Her body was atop a giant stuffed teddy bear. She had a bright smile on as she possed a fat bear body filled with stuffing. "Oh Buddy I'm so glad you invited me." She said warmly. "You're such a good friend I just wuv you so much." She reached over and gave him the hardest hug she could. "What do you wanna do today? Dress me up? Or we could cuddle til you fall asleep!"

"Hmmmm your body is a bit out of shape don't you think?"

"Awww shucks." She said in her teddy bear voice. "I'm just full of love is all, and cotton."

"Eh I'm looking for a fitter body to cuddle with." He replied


She now was on a yoga mat that appeared on the floor. She had on black leggings and and a green tight leotard.

"Come on dude let's work out." She said in a snake position. Her increased bust was sticking out in the air. "I wanna get you sweaty. I wanna get your heart pumping." She then took her legs above her head and planted her feet in front of her, giving him full show of legs and butt.

"Wow you're pretty flexible there" He observed.

"Oh yeah dude I love Yoga, I can't seem to stop."

"Your body looks like taffy!" He joked.

"I wish!" She joked back.

"Ok!" Click

Her body neck down was nude, and made of blue taffy. She got up and sat right next to him, with her candied body fully exposed.

"Wow, you don't have any clothes on!" He exclaimed.

"Oh don't act surprised." She said. "After I got into that stupid accident at the candy factory and ended up with this taffy body I can't wear clothes, since they stick to me and get stained. Now everyone wants to lick me all over!"

"Well....Can I get some?" He asked.

"Sure, I love getting licked!" She told him.

She sat next to him and extended a taffy foot towards his face. He licked between the toes and worked his way down her delcious legs. He went down on her and slid his tounge down her blueberry flavored pussy. She gasped in delight. He got to the point where he made her orgasm, which covered his mouth in blueberry syrup. He licked it around his face. While moving back he accidently hit the remote again.


She returned to her normal body her outfit changed to a naughty school girl's. She stood on 6 inch black heels. Her legs were incased up to her tighs in white nylon stockings. The short red plaid skirt gave him view of her pink panties. She had a tight blouse barely holding back her breasts which were in a pink bra to match her panties. Her hair was in pigtails and she had thick glasses to complete the look.

"Hey dude, we really need to study on this Sex Ed Final." She told him. "Could I practice sucking your cock?"

He nodded yes. She went closer and got on her knees right in front of him. She zipped down his pants and whipped out his dick, Slowly she worked it into her mouth, savoring the taste. Then she bobbed up and down with an almost vaccum seal over his junk. He shot a mess of cum right down her throat which she eagerly swallowed.

"Thanks, I'm going to get an A+ for sure!" She told him. "Now let's get to math!"

He looked at the smoking hot woman in front of him. "You're too afterschool special, how bout you be more saturday morning cartoon instead!"


He took the remote again and changed her channel. She now stood in what seemed to be a super hero costume. She had black skin tight leggings that covered her feet like socks, red panties over, and an orange skin tight top that had SS printed across her breast. She stood there in front of him in a pose that showed off her legs.

"Uhhhh are you some kind of super hero?" He asked.

"Of course I am!" She boldly stated. "Have you not heard of the Seductive Stretch before?"

"The stretchy what?" He asked again.

"No! I am the Seductive Stretch!" She began narrating. "I used to be a normal slutty girl in the streets, always wearing tight clothing to show off my body. The boys loved my legs so I tried to show them off all the time. One winter I wanted a way to show off my legs without them freezing so I took a pair of my favorite leggings and put them in the microwave to warm them. Little did I know that doing this caused them to become radioactive, and before I knew it they fused with my legs turning me into a sexy superherione. Now I fight crime with my luscious legs of looseness, my tempting taffy thighs, and my flexy feet of flirtation!"

"So you fight crime by seducing men with your legs? Can any else of you stretch?" He questioned.

"Why would I need to?" She asked. "Are you trying to find my weakness?!"

"Uhhhhhh." He stumbled.

"I think you need a demonstration!" She told him.

She lifted her leg into the air and it began extending. With a comical stretching noise the limb went towards him and began wrapping around his body. The foot reached down his pants and started to probe all over. It went down his underwear and gently massaged his cock, giving him an erection. He could feel the soft material rub against his shaft.

"I've got you now criminal!" She exclaimed as she tightened her grip.

"Ah Stretch No Don't!" He tried to yell.

The grip she had crushed the remote he had in his pocket. There was a flash and a loud bang. When the both of them came to, they were on the couch. She was returned to normal and didn't seem to notice what had happened.

"Are you ok?" He asked her.

"Yeah, but I got a headache. Why do you ask?" She wondered.

"Uh no reason." He said.

"Damn, I wish you didn't sell your tv. Where's that stupid remote you traded it for?" She asked him.

"Uhhh I'm not sure." He replied.

"Great you lost the remote too? You are slow!. I wanna watch TV." As she said that her head morphed into a small television set, roughly the size of her old head. The screen showed her face.

"Ug my head feels worse, like it's heavier." She stated. She lost balance of her head and fell back on the couch. "Ah my head, what's happened to it?!" She said as she felt the box that was her head.

"Don't freak out, but I think me breaking the remote broke reality too!" He explained.

"WHAT!! You idiot! I can't believe you did this." She continued screaming until he went to her tv head and pushed the mute button. She still continues screaming even though she was in silence.

"Just calm down ok." He tried to relax her.

She felt around her new face to find the volume button. She brought herself back to speaking volume. "How can I relax? My head is a tv! And who else knows what you've made me. I could be stuck like this!"

"Okay I'll try to fix it!" He told her. He felt around her face pushing buttons. He accidently hit the off switch and her body fell on the couch. He turned her back on and her face reappeared. "Oops!" He hit the channel button and the image on screen changed.


It was a news show, and her body was changed into that of the anchorwoman, She had a purple blouse/suit with black stockings and matching heels. Her hands were folded politely as her head shows the broadcast.


Her head showed a swimming competition and her body was clad in a tight wet suit.


A rap video was on and her body changed into one of the dancers, she had a bikini top and booty shorts. She shook her butt around.


Cartoons showed on her face. Her body looked like a 3-d cartoon version of its normal form. Whatever happened on screen happened to her body. When a character was being pulled on her body stretched to a ridiculous length. When the character was let go, her body snapped back into its regular shape. Several characters began dancing and she followed by kicking her legs into the air. The dancers on screen ripped off their clothes to reveal a dance outfit and she did the same. Underneath however she didn't have the same outfit, but a cartoon version of her bra and panties. The dancing stopped and she sat back down. Another character was flattened, and her body became flat as well. Even the tv head she had went 2-d. One character was being inflated and her body was getting depth again. Her breasts kept filling with air, including a comical inflation noise, and ended to be double d cups. When the character was released he flew around the room spewing air, while her breasts leaked air from her nipples.
He was very entertained watching the show.


She returned back to normal, in her normal outfit. "Whoa, what just happened to me?" She asked.

"Well your head turned into a tv and you became the shows." He explained

"Yeah I know that!!" She said back. "I meant how did it all happen?"

"It was my remote, you sort of broke it when I changed you, and now I can't find it at all. It must have a side effect on you." He told her.

"What?!?!?" She yelled. "You mean I'm going to keep transforming? How come I can't remember the other transformations?"

"Well I had more control over you." He said. "It must of made you think all of it was normal, but now that its broken it probably doesn't change your mind. What do you remember?"

"Well " She began. "I remember coming here and sitting on your couch and the discussion about the remote, then things kinda got blurry, but I do remember my head becoming a tv. Then you started changing my head and felt myself changing even more. The news show made me super smart and polite, I felt cold and wet when you were watching that swim meet, that rap video made me super horny, and don't even get me started on that cartoon. I've never felt goofier in my life!"

"Well maybe it's over already." He suggested.


Her body was made of taffy once more. She was completely nude with a blue shine all over her. She looked down with her normal head.

"What the hell just happened to me?!?!" She yelled.

"Well that was one of the transformations." He told her.

"You made me into candy?" she asked. "What did you plan on doing to me." She looked down to see her taffy pussy. "Oh never mind. Can I at least gets some clothes on me?"

"Well the first time you said that your clothes stick you to you too much." He said to her.

"Figures! You try and get me naked by giving me a body that can't wear clothes." She said as she mindlessly licked her fingers. She crossed her legs and covered her chest much to his dismay.


She was back in her super hero getup as the Seductive Stretch. She looked down in awe at the ridiculous outfit she was wearing.
"What the heck am I now?"

"Well .you're the Seductive Stretch, a superhero who uses her elastic legs to stop crime by um, seducing men with them." He described to her.

"Wow, you got one crazy imagination." She stood up and began wobbling. "Whoa, I can't get the hang of these things!" She sat back down examining her legs. She lifted the gooey gam and prodded it. "So I'm supposed to seduce you with these wacky things?"
"I guess so, you always knew I was a leg man anyways." He told her.

"Well too bad mister, my legs may not be under my control, but they certainly aren't your play things!" She sharply replied.

"Psh, the Seductive Stretch would be more inclined to use them, I guess I gotta commit a crime before you even use em." He sarcastically replied.

"Did you say .crime?" Her eyes lit up with attention. Her legs began to act up. She rubbed the back her legs with her foot.

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