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11. Switched

10. "..I'm sorry. I can't do this.

9. ...this manhood will self-dest

8. Cutting to the Chase

7. .. I was Standing Before my He

6. Adventure is my middle name

5. A Back Alley Meeting

4. The Order Wants You

3. And away we go...

2. A Hero's Hero

1. The Future of Gaming

Danil's plan

on 2016-03-23 04:55:55

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At least that's what it look like, I heard Lanceolat leave & the other person then moved a way from me. I opened my eyes and seeing that the guy most likely the one who hit me was pulling something out of a bag

Not wanting to wait I picked up a bar & knocked him out then changed into his outfit before injecting him with what ever it was & pocketed the rest moments before other guys came in

"Take her to the danger area, I'll let Lancelot know it is done"

You go off and find him then let him know as you inject him, he turns around then....

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