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17. Nick & Megan : bathroom play

16. Nick & Megan : After the movie

15. Nick & Megan : The movie

14. Nick & Megan : that afternoon

13. Nick & Megan : Robbed

12. Nick & Megan : going out for b

11. Nick & Megan : Next morning

10. Exhausted

9. Nick & Megan : Heck Yea

8. Nick & Megan : Toys

7. Nick & Megan : using some new

6. Nick new lack of assets

5. Megan's new assets

4. Nick returns

3. What the note said

2. A man fresh out of college.

1. Altered Fates

Nick & Megan : bathroom play

on 2021-06-26 08:35:52
Episode last modified by thisguy10101 on 2021-07-14 22:42:35

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Amber went over to the door, while tracing her finger over Megan's torso and continuing the kiss until the door was locked.

"Peter, I've been thinking about your cock since the movie theater. It's so big and I can't wait to have you fuck me with it," said Amber as she turned her back to Megan, to pull up her dress and show a sexy black thong. Megan felt her penis getting hard looking at this beautiful woman, especially when Amber bent over, pulling the thong to the floor showing her curvy ass and waiting pussy. She stood up allowing the summer dress to cascade down to cover her fully while she slowly swayed over to the countertop. Megan couldn't take her eyes off Amber. Between the fact that Megan knew the woman had no panties, the hypnotic movements of her hips and the "come-hither" look, she almost started to drool. Amber started to undo Megan's pants and there was a moment when she though, "I shouldn't be doing this." That thought went away when her pants went down and Amber grabbed her penis.

"It's even bigger in the light. I'm going to get a closer look big guy, " Amber said as she went to her knees. She started to play with Megan's balls while rubbing her penis. Megan's closed her eyes for a second and the feeling changed. She opened her eyes and saw Amber kissing the tip of her penis, and starting to suck on her. It was like when Nick went down on her, but bigger.

"How're you feeling big boy?" purred Amber, taking a short break.

"It felt really good, I can see why Nick likes these. What you did with your tongue was amazing." replied Megan.

"You think that felt good, just wait for this next big. Come take me!" announced Amber as she bent over the counter presenting herself to me. Without a moment's hesitation, Megan slammed her dick into the waiting pussy

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