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2. The Plan

1. You Are What You Wish

Getting Sarah

avatar on 2018-04-18 11:37:42

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Jon headed home thinking about the stone. He was thinking about how much power it had, but more so about how dangerous it was. No wish could be undone. He was thinking about how he could use the stone to begin dating Sarah. He had always wanted to date her, but she had dating Biff for two years now. He couldn’t just wish to date Sarah, because then it could never be undone. He needed a plan involving a time limited wish, but I didn’t know if those existed.
“I wish my index finger nail would turn blue for the next 5 seconds.” He said.
Sure enough, Jon’s fingernail turned blue and 5 seconds later it was back to normal. Then he tried something more ambitious. Something for on track for his plan to win over Sarah.
“I wish I had a pair of DD Cup boobs for the next 5 minutes.”
And sure enough, and nice perky pair of tits appeared on his chest. He poked them and squeezed them, satisfied that they were real. He rubbed his nipple and moaned. They were definitely real. All of a sudden, they disappeared off his chest. Then he tried another big step with his plan.
“I wish my body would transform into Mia Khalifa for the next ten minutes.”
Immediately he grew back his double d’s, he grew long hair, a nice ass, a tight pussy, and more of her features. Jon looked down at himself.
“Wow. This might actually work.”
Jon’s plan was to become a sexy girl, and win Biff over while Sarah is watching, then Jon will swoop in as himself and start dating Sarah.

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