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17. We've taken that into consider

16. A hug is just a hug...

15. ...and my mind exploded with s

14. Taking Stock...

13. ...the climax...

12. ...the changes surge upward...

11. From Heels to Head...

10. "Alright. I'll Do It."

9. ...this manhood will self-dest

8. Cutting to the Chase

7. .. I was Standing Before my He

6. Adventure is my middle name

5. A Back Alley Meeting

4. The Order Wants You

3. And away we go...

2. A Hero's Hero

1. The Future of Gaming

The Safe Word

on 2011-01-05 12:33:46

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"Don't worry," Lancelot said, giving me a smile that made me wonder if he'd forgotten that I wasn't as female as my new Avatar. "A physical sensation hack is one of the techniques we believe the Joyriders are using, so we've devised a few counter-measures. We can run a code that disables all but your auditory and optical connections to the game at a verbal command."

"So, in other words, I won't be able to feel anything from my Avatar?" I hated how my new voice made even that simple question sound sexy.

"That's right," said Lancelot. "Think of it as a safe word. I'd like you to choose it now, a word that won't come up in normal conversation."

I gave it some thought. "Suzie," I finally said. I sure as hell wasn't going anywhere near her looking like I did now.

Lancelot's eyes went distant for a moment, then he nodded. "Done. Now let's just adjust your clothing to something appropriate for the mission..."

I felt the cloth around me warp and morph. I tried to protest, but it was over before I could, and Lancelot was gesturing to someone behind me. I could hear the sound of something being wheeled toward me.

"Now then," he said, "Would you like to see the new you?"

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