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7. Kinky Fun at Home

6. Dad's still home

5. Who's coming

4. Trading Faces

3. Role reversal

2. Another mom episode.

1. You Are What You Wish

Role Reversal - Kinky Fun at Home

on 2021-04-18 10:10:28
Episode last modified by Darkangel on 2021-05-14 07:38:55

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Jon now Jane enter master bedroom see Gary still in his boxes walk up to her hold a two glasses of whiskey.

He handed Jane a drink kissing her briefly on the lips. "Its been so long since we had a day off together, the Kids will be at school all day and wont be back till late. I was thinking I want to cash in on that birthday promise you made me." sad Gary

Jon that to himself , "what the hell did his mom agreed too but" but felt compelled do to his father's choice of word replied. "Yes, that sounds fun, lets get kinky today" Jane needing a bit of courage drank the enter drink in one gulp. It burn her through but tasted strangely smooth.

Smiling Jane thought to her self, I just need to buy a few seconds and find the stone. "Why don't you refill my glass and give me a few minutes to get ready baby? Gary walk up to Jane and grab the empty glass and gave her a tight hug grabbing her ass squeezing it.

Gary said "Sounds amazing baby, I love when want to be adventurous." He then walk to out of the door leaving Jane in the room by herself.

Jon though immediately began to quickly search for the stone.

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