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15. Nick & Megan : The movie

14. Nick & Megan : that afternoon

13. Nick & Megan : Robbed

12. Nick & Megan : going out for b

11. Nick & Megan : Next morning

10. Exhausted

9. Nick & Megan : Heck Yea

8. Nick & Megan : Toys

7. Nick & Megan : using some new

6. Nick new lack of assets

5. Megan's new assets

4. Nick returns

3. What the note said

2. A man fresh out of college.

1. Altered Fates

Nick & Megan : The movie

on 2021-04-06 22:15:33

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"I'm not sure if I wanna go, " said Megan, "I'm not in the mood.."

"Maybe the distraction will be helpful. They seemed nice, and the movie will be fun. Waiting her isn't going to make the thing show up any faster."

"I guess so Nick. Let me get changed."

"Megan, you are a guy now. Why get changed? It's just a movie, not a date."

"You sure? I think they think we are doing a double date."

"Is that what those looks meant earlier?"

"Yea sweetie."

"We just have to be clear when we get there we are looking to hang out and enjoy a movie," replied Nick. The two left, without changing, to walk to the local movie theater. They got into the place and saw Amber and Betty just inside. The 4 got in line for snacks, and continued the conversation earlier about the heyday of movies. Megan and Amber landed on the 1950s and 60s. Nick was a solid 80s movie guy, and Betty felt that movies got better after CGI was decent, voting for after 2000. At the end of it though, they all agreed Willow was a solid movie. The foursome split the snacks and alcohol then made their way to the movie theater. It was about half full. Amber and Betty sat between Nick and Megan. Megan looked at Nick nervously, but before they could change the seating, the lights went down and the previews started up.

"I love the previews. Gets me excited about the next movie I'm going to see," whispered Amber to Megan. After a couple kids movies, a preview for a horror movie came on, and Amber put her head into Megan's shoulder. She looked at Nick who was engrossed in the preview, sharing a popcorn container with Betty without realizing it. Nick was in so much trouble, thought Megan as Amber offered her some popcorn. She took a handful and ate it.

By the time Arnold was saved Devito in the parking lot, Megan was enjoying the movie. A bit later, Amber leaned over and whispered, "We are like Julius and Marnie" Megan couldn't help but laugh. When Danny got the disappointing news, Amber was crying and put her head on Megan's shoulder. Megan teared up a bit too, it was so sad.

"There there Peter, it will be OK," reassured Amber as she patted Megan's leg. The patting worked it's way up her leg to her groin. Her eyes went wide as Amber started to rub Megan's penis though the jeans. Megan squirmed to try get out of her seat for a moment, before somehow Amber's hand undid the zipper and button, grabbed her dick while whispering, "Looks like you got some good genes too Peter."

"Amber, please let go," whispered Megan.

"Spoilsport. Are you sure?" asked Amber as she started to rub Megan's penis up and down.

"...Yes.." stammered Megan.

"You don't sound sure, " said Amber quickening her handjob. Megan now understood why Nick liked these things. Her mind was going a mile a minute. She shouldn't let Amber do this, her boyfriend was a few seats away, but it felt so good. It's not like Nick would give her a handjob. She glanced over at Nick who was enjoying the movie, and Betty was still sharing that popcorn with him. Well, if he could stray, so could she. She relaxed and enjoyed for a bit before the movie ended, as did the handjob she was getting. The zipper was up before the lights came on. That seemed fast.

"That was a great movie!" said Amber

"It sure was, I'm glad we came, " said Nick finishing the popcorn he had shared with Betty.

"Double feature all? get it? Twins, that just watched twins, doubling the movies?" asked Betty.

"I'm in, " said Amber looking at Megan.

"What do you think Peter? Movie at our place?" asked Nick.

"..Sure Nick. How about Dead Ringer?"

The four agreed and went back to Nick and Megan's apartment

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