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11. Menu: Help

10. Trapped?

9. Lair

8. Learning about the world

7. Malfunction

6. First Rush...and Swift Fall

5. Feeling like a dragon

4. Enter – Epic City

3. Beginners Luck

2. Let's try this out

1. The Future of Gaming

Menu: Help

on 2018-04-13 08:15:53
Episode last modified by Catprog on 2018-09-08 02:19:07

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"Menu:Help" you say.

A menu pops up.

If you are reading this you have somehow activated the hidden race: Dragon.

Due to the minimum age for dragon PCs the computer is now in accelerated mode to provide you with the necessary years.

Years remaining until normal time: ERROR, overflow detected.

A message has been sent to admin. ERROR: Message timeout.

Diagnosis mode activated.

Movement : Unimpeded.
Dungeon: Active
Quests: ERROR, dungeon quests not active. Activating... DONE
Naturalization: Low.
Specialties: Disabled. Activating... DONE

Quests Received:

Claim a mana fountain.

Mana is the most important feature for a dragon and her dungeon. The more mana you have the longer you can use your specialties. Or use it to improve your dungeon.

Rewards: Increased mana regeneration for yourself and your dungeon.

Fire Breath.

You can use your fire breath to melt the rock.

Rewards: Increased dungeon space.

You breath deep and let out a spray of fire. All too soon though you feel it stop.

Through the melted rock you make out a glow and after digging your way through you find a glowing fountain.

You have found your first mana fountain.

Dungeon Mana regen increased to 10/day.
Personal Mana regen increased to 10/hour.

Dungeon level 2 reached. Traps unlocked, Treasure: Dragon Trading Card Series 1 #5 (set of 1000)

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