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11. Waking up to something differe

10. Exhausted

9. Nick & Megan : Heck Yea

8. Nick & Megan : Toys

7. Nick & Megan : using some new

6. Nick new lack of assets

5. Megan's new assets

4. Nick returns

3. What the note said

2. A man fresh out of college.

1. Altered Fates

Morning wood from the other side

on 2021-01-27 23:15:07

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Nick was woken up the next morning by the light from the sun shining on his face. He felt a warm body pressed against his back and an arm draped over him. He could feel that the hand that was attached to that arm was gently cupping his breast. That realization reminded him of his current situation: thanks to the medallion that he had found at a garage sale the day before he was currently in Megan's body. He smiled remembering what he had done the night before while in her body. The memory was so vivid he would almost have sworn that he could still feel the dildo pressed between his legs.

Nick could feel his pussy getting slightly moist at the memory of riding the dildo until he was too exhausted to move. As he came slightly more awake, he realized that it wasn't just a memory of the dildo that he felt between his legs, there was actually something there. Had he brought it to bed with him and somehow forgotten it? Had Megan brought it into the bed with them when she had come to bed? No matter how it got there, it felt really good pressed against his moistening lips. He shifted his hips slightly so that the tip of it was aimed at the entrance to his vagina . He felt the tip slide in, just a little, and he was in heaven.

"Mmm... don't stop there." Nick heard a masculine voice whisper in his ear at the same time he felt the hand cupping his breast give it a little squeeze.

Frightened, Nick jumped out of bed and dragged half of the blankets off with him to cover himself. When he turned back to look at the bed he saw a very surprised, very familiar face looking at him.

"Meg... Megan?" Nick asked unsure who the naked man that looked exactly like him was.

Megan laughed. "Of course. Were you expecting someone else that looks like you to be spooning you this morning?"

"To be fair" Nick said moving cautiously back toward the bed, "I wasn't expecting anyone looking like me to be in bed."

"Well, I wanted to try some things and you were asleep." Megan said propping herself up on one elbow and spreading her legs so Nick could get a good view of her new endowments.

"What? Did you have sex with me while I was sleeping?" Nick said starting to feel angry.

"No. Of course not." Megan answered slightly hurt that Nick would even suggest such a thing.

"I'm sorry, honey. I know you wouldn't do something like that." Nick said as he crawler back into bed. He cuddled up to Megan laying his head on her shoulder.

"Of course... now that you are awake..." Megan said suggestively.

Nick considered saying no because it would be weird to have sex with a man, let alone one that was an exact copy of his old self. On the other hand, the dildo the night before had been amazing and when he had been a man sex had always been better than jerking off. How good must it feel to actually have sex?

His mind made up, Nick leaned up and kissed Megan before saying...

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