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8. Nick & Megan : Toys

7. Nick & Megan : using some new

6. Nick new lack of assets

5. Megan's new assets

4. Nick returns

3. What the note said

2. A man fresh out of college.

1. Altered Fates

Nick & Megan : Toys

on 2021-01-04 23:44:25
Episode last modified by thisguy10101 on 2021-01-05 18:11:01

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Megan shimmied off the bed while saying, "I have just the thing for an emergency like this."

"Really? What can salvage this?"

"Behold, " replied Megan after she dug through her shirt-drawer, "My dildo!" Megan held up a 12 inch dildo that had twice the girth as Nick's member....when he had one.

"How long have you had that monster and how does that fix the problem?"

"By making sure I get what I need. I can even put it on a base or attach it to something, like this chair here." She bent over at the waist, showing Nick her pussy, causing his nipples to tingle and his own pussy to start feeling warm again, instead of the usual feeling of his cock getting hard. This was getting frustrating. He got more frustrated as Megan slowly lowered herself onto the dildo, letting out a slow, satisfied moan. She slowly brought her hips up and down, causing her enlarged boobs to bounce up and down. More moans escaped her lips as she brought her hands up to her breasts, cupping and rubbing them. God, this is hot, thought Nick, as his vagina engorged and got wet. He unconsciously brought his hand down to his groin under his pants to rub his penis, but found only his clit instead. The jolt of pleasure brought him back to reality, seeing his girlfriend ride a massive dildo because he didn't have a penis.

Megan glanced a Nick and did a come hither gesture. When he got closer, she grabbed his hands and guided them to her breasts. She didn't have to give a second nudge, he was kissing and teasing her breasts. He became lost in those breasts, only noticing that Megan got up to let him have better access to them without having to bend over. They kissed eachother passionately, with Megan pulling off Nick's pants, with him helping by kicking them away. He didn't realize they were turning around.

"Nick, my breasts feel so good when you do that. Keep....going." purred Megan. Nick was bending over and angling his knees to give his attention to the wonderful tits in front of him. Megan was kissing the top of his head and running her hands up and down the little bit of curve the medallion gave him. She ran her hands over his tight ass and even glanced his vagina, which felt really good for the moment she touched it. She was really getting into this, thought Nick, as she pressed herself against him a little more.

Then he felt the dildo enter him.

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