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13. packing up

12. Mischief - breasts

11. Shirt

10. the next morning

9. Instinct Wants What It Wants

8. Alan's a Screamer

7. Crew Socks

6. Fun, but unsatisfying

5. Standard Game, New Play

4. At least he doesn't have big f

3. Bedroom Games

2. It's left over at the end

1. Altered Fates

Packing up

on 2020-11-17 08:03:19

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Alan started to go through the Bric-a-Brak. It started to put stuff into a trash box, a donate box and a keep box.
He was sitting on the floor, looking at the broken blender for Scott's babyfood when Susan came in. She looked great in the sundress, and he could feel his penis start to stiffen, but just a bit.
"Hey there, hot stuff, what some help? "asked Susan.
"Gladly. I know you sold a lot of the stuff, but there is still some left. I see you decided to go back to your usual self, what changed?"
"Well, I thought about our little encounter last night, and how uncomfortable you seemed this morning, so I figured you would want to see a female figure. Like what you see?"
"Very much," said Alan,, " but we shouldn't get distracted. We have some stuff to do before your sister Sam drops of Scott. I think we have another 1-2 hours of stuff to do here."
"You're right Alan. Ill get to work on this box here."
After a 30-45 minutes, Susan asked Alan to get something for them to drink. He went out to get some lemonade. Susan put one of Scott's old toys on the ground. Alan came back with the lemonade for both of them. They got back to work.
"Alan, could you get that toy on the ground over there?" asked Susan, pointing to a place just in front of Alan.
Alan went over to the toy, bent over to get it. Susan got a clear look at his cleavage through his loose shirt. For a split second, Susan thought she saw nipple. Her penis started to get erect.
Alan got back to work. After a little longer, they were coming down the home stretch. Susan put her second plan of the day into action.
"Remember this thing?" Susan said as she pulled out of the last things from Alan's box, moving right next to him.
"This was the souvenir from our honeymoon to the Grand Canyon. We got this sculpture from that market, but then we broke in that night when it fell of the table. What were we doing? Right, you were plowing me doggy-style over that table," Susan cooed to Alan, as her penis started to grow erect.
Alan remembered that evening. Susan was wearing a dress and had just started to take it off, when he came over to help her. Thinking about it made his really get excited.
"It was sooooo hot, Alan," whispered Susan into Alan's ear as she started to kiss the ear.
Alan turned to his wife and declared "That was hot, maybe we can do that again tonight..."
"Let's try our best to do it now, lover," said Susan as she started to take off Alan's shirt. She kissed his belly and breasts as his shirt came off. She felt her erection start to get really constrained in her panties. She went to her knees and pulled down Alan's sweatpants and boxers. She saw his aroused penis, ready for action. She pushed him back to the table and started to kiss and suck his cock.. Alan reached down to help Susan out of her dress, but she looked up at him and said, "just wait, I want to help you first."
She started to kiss Alan's tip of the penis.. Alan started to grunt. Susan took her well manicured hand and started to play with his ballsack. Lightly, then a bit more intensely. Her fingers started to inch to his asshole. He jumped a bit as Susan tried to finger him.
"Sorry about that Alan, Let me make that up to you.:."
She kissed Alan on the way up, undoing her dress a little. Alan pulled her dress down to her waist and basically tore off her bra. He started to suck on her tits as he tried to guide her to the the table with the boxes. Susan returned the favor, playing with her husband's breasts as she let him bend her over the table. He pulled the dress and panties off his wife and saw she was sporting a dick just as big as his.
"Susan, what's going on here?"

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