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31. Taking Stock

30. New Shoes? Already...

29. Eyeliner

28. Last Class of the Day?

27. Wrong Answer

26. After Class

25. Lower Down yet Higher Up

24. Zoe's Friend

23. Amber's Rule

22. Lipstick challenge Failed.

21. To the Cafeteria

20. Daring Escape (Alternate)

19. Sissy Curse: Womanly Figure

18. Asking for Help

17. Sissy Curse: Gym Class

16. Getting Changed

15. Gym Class

14. Jon's new...

13. After class

12. Class with Sarah

Sissy Curse: Taking Stock

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As class started to wind down, Jon mentally groaned as he took inventory of his changes.

First, his hair was now styled rather femininely, and thanks to Karyn flipping the hair rule to a sissy rule, his hair colour had been changed to bubble-gum pink. Two separate rules had saddled him with eyeliner and lipstick, both of which he was forced to maintain thanks to another rule. Sarah changed the lipstick rule into a sissy rule, so his lips had gone from red to a somewhat shiny neon pink.

Sarah had a hand in his attire as well, forcing him to wear girls tops. A later ‘lesson’ that she had been involved in resulted in her rule being changed to a sissy rule as well, changing his top from a somewhat subtle black cotton top to an eye-catching pink satiny one with ‘I Love Boys’ plastered across the front. Underneath the shirt, he was also wearing a bra, complete with socks stuffing the cups. That had been two separate rules.

The last change to his appearance had been changing his shoes from his comfortable sneakers to a pair of high heels. Failing to keep up with one of the rules that wasn’t linked to his appearance had resulted in that one getting flipped, so now he was stuck in white knee-length socks and extremely girly heels. Shiny, pink and a strap wrapping around his ankle. There was even a pink bow on each of the ankle straps, made from the same material as the shoes.

That wasn’t the end of it though. Thanks to a number of other rules, his behavior and identity had come under fire as well. During the morning alone, he had been made to walk like a girl, including how to walk like a sexy girl. His name had been changed from Jon to Jenna (he even had to correct people if they called him Jon) and he wasn’t even allowed to be referred to by male pronouns anymore (at least he could still think of himself as a boy). He was also required to use the girl’s bathroom as well… so long as he was still considered a girl.

Looking at his list of rules, he gulped. He had twelve rules listed, eleven of which were being used to determine whether he was considered a girl or a sissy. Out of those eleven, four of them had been marked as Sissy Rules, meaning they were more overtly feminine than before. Fighting the hair rule had seen it get flipped. Walking like a boy after the relevant lesson had seen his lipstick rule get flipped. Failing to apply lipstick properly had resulted in his top getting changed out for a sissy one. Finally, answering Abigail after she had called him Jon (and not correcting it to Jenna) had put him in the socks and sissy heels.

The bell sounded, signaling the end of classes for the day. Jon breathed a sigh of relief. He couldn’t wait to get home and try to talk Zoe into removing the curse.

Failing that, he could always barricade himself in his room to avoid further contact with others.

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