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2. Advice

1. You Are What You Wish

Jon jon Jonny and Jone

on 2007-01-15 00:05:25
Episode last modified by Noy2222 on 2018-03-24 20:26:33

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That night as I tossed and turned every night since I got the stone. The only wish I made was one so I wouldn't be groggy mornings after I had gotten a bad night's sleep last night. Trying to go to sleep a thought hit me that if I could just talk to someone with experience with the stone. So I said "I wish my grandfather was here" A flash and his corpse was in my room I suppressed a scream, I guess he wasn't alive and hiding after all. "I wish my grandfather was back where I wished him from." "I wish my grandfather from one week before he died was here" A flash and instead of my grandfather was a note from his it read "I know you have questions and I would like to help but you must not know the truth I made a wish that if you wished for me from the past you would get this note Try asking your self if you get my meaning"
I understood this had reawaken my suspicions he might still be out their but no time for that

"I wish that my future self, who has experience with stone-wishing, was in my bedroom."

The stone became so hot that I had to drop the stone. It left a black charred spot on my carpet. When I looked back up, there were dozens of people in my room, including twenty-four people who looked just like or almost just like me, twenty-seven women, eight little kids (four boys and four girls), three bras, five pairs of panties, two dogs, nine random guys, five people that looked like me in drag, three Karyns, two cartoon characters, and a packet of instant pudding.

I picked up the stone and said "I wish I knew who all these people were." And suddenly, I knew. They were alternate versions of me from different possible outcomes.

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