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2. New world order

1. You Are What You Wish

The rocks true form revealed

on 2007-01-12 06:07:57
Episode last modified by Allison Voorhees on 2018-02-22 10:27:34

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The next day I went over to karyn's house before school.
"Hi Jon, did you bring the rock" she said not turning away from her computer.
"Yeah, I brought it with me" I replied
"Can I see it?" she said, extending her palm out over her head.
"OK but don’t be as impulsive as last time" and handed it to her.
"First I wish that me and Jon were excused from school today" a flash appeared and neither of us were in our uniforms.
"I wish that in five minutes a wave of magic would spread across the entire range of the rock that would turn every man into a woman and every woman into a man. Everyone would be aware of it and in three days people would get used to it as if nothing happened"
"What!? That's insane! Why?" I said nervously. I fantasized about it once or twice but in a more kinky way only.
"I wish Jon could not move for four minutes and thirty seconds
"I wish the reason my boobs were bigger is because of my allergy to milk and that they will return to normal by noon" A flash and karyn's cleavage returned to normal.
"I wish my hair was blond because of dye" A flash and her roots were red.
"I wish I knew how to extend the rocks magic to encompass the world."
"I wish that the rock was in its true form" A bright light engulfed the rock and it reappeared as a crimson crystal.
"I wish that until all the wishes would come into effect Jon could not use the stone’s magic"
The time passed and Jon was freed five seconds before the change happened. A light engulfed the world and when it subsided…

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