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2. rings of love.

1. You Are What You Wish

the rings of love.

on 2006-11-12 20:04:22

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Jon woke up one morning and started to get ready for school. Then a thought crossed his mind. He should make a wish, but for what. He smiled as he made his wish. He loved karyn but thought she liked him as a friend, and he was unsure how long their relationship chould last if he had one at all. If only their was a way to make them love each other. Then he had an idea. He held the stone and said "I wish I had two rings and when two people wear these rings they will fall deeply and undeniablly in love with each other." As Jon said that two rings appeared in his hand. He held them and smiled.

Later on Jon showed up at school and saw karyn in the crowded hall, he rushed to meet her pushing through the crowd when someone bumped into him making him drop the rings. He needs to find them before someone else does!

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