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11. Emily's afternoon

10. Saturday morning

9. searching - no luck

8. Saturday morning

7. Jake and Emily get dressed

6. Jake

5. Morning has broken

4. Late that night

3. Her son and daughter

2. A frustrated woman

1. Altered Fates

Emily's afternoon

on 2020-11-01 22:25:16

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After talking to "Emily," Sally went back to her room and closed the door. She went to the bathroom and twirled around enjoying her new look, then decided another selfie was in order. She took off her glasses, and found that she could see better without them.

Man, she was hot. It's amazing what a few years can do, thought Sally. After putting the medallion back in her hiding spot, she went back to her bedroom and found some clothing that fit new look, rather than the baggy stuff she had on in her "daughter's" room. She got out her jeans she hadn't worn for years that Roger told her she should throw away, and a tank top she liked. She once again primped a bit in the mirror and went out to her bedroom. She dug around Roger's drawers looking for something he hadn't worn for a while. In his t-shirt drawer, she found it. His jersey that he only wore to his alma mater's home games, but he hadn't gone in a couple years. Perfect, she took it out and put it in her nightstand.
Walking down the hall, she saw "Jake" and "Emily" in their proper rooms. Yes, things were going well. Now she just had to wait until tonight to help Roger. She got downstairs and got out her purse, making sure it had what she needed. After a moment, she called up the stairs.
"Emily, we should head out soon."
"Emily" came down the stairs with a backpack over one shoulder and was about to go to the car, when Sally grabbed the bag.
"Emily, let's see what you have. I want to make sure you are prepared." She opened the bag to find a bathing suit, a change of clothing including panties but no bra, a towel and some toiletries with some lipstick.
"Let's try this again, I'll go up with you, " said Sally grabbing "Emily's" hand. They went into the bedroom
"Girls don't use backpacks, they use tote bags. You see over there? Grab one. While you are grabbing things, you should get some pajamas and a bra. You should also grab some tampons from the bathroom." "Emily" went to get those things and put them in the tote, with the underwear and tampons at the bottom.
"Perfect, let's go. Jake! I'll be back in a bit, just going to drop off your sister." The two girls left, leaving Emily alone in the house. She looked in her mom's bedroom, since she was pretty sure Jake overlooked something. 5...10...15 minutes of searching, and nothing. No weird books, no new jewelry, it looked like always. She moved onto the bathroom, but just started the search when she heard the car pull back into the driveway. He went back to his room and went back to exploring Jake's phone. It was mainly pictures of his buddies doing stupid things, but at least there were some pictures of Grant. Emily heard her mom turn on the TV, starting an episode of her favorite show. She took the time to explore her new room. She found all the clothing, and refolded some of it. Some it smelled weird, so he went into a laundry pile. In the closet, she found some boxes. Baseball cards, unused shoes and comics. After exploring the room enough, she went onto his computer. Cruising around she found his music, picture storage and a novel he started about mutant gerbils taking over the midwest. Now for the fun part, the browser history. She only had to go back a short bit to find a website that was probably porn.
Just as she was about to open the link, her mom called up the stairs.
"Jake, remember you have to take care of the yard! You should do it before your father gets home, meaning now."
Emily sighed and turned off the monitor and changed into some clothing for working outside, being careful not to come close to her brother's penis. After putting on some shorts she went to the garage and got out the lawnmower and took it outside. Fortunately, it was a push button start off Emily went taking care of their family's acre plot. It was so boring. She should have gotten some headphones so she could listen to music. People waved as the walked by and Emily waved back. She put the clippings in the compost bin as she went along. She eventually finished up and put away the equipment. She went back into the house and went to the kitchen to get some water.
"Make sure you take a shower, you smell terrible Jake, " said Sally without even looking at Emily.
"I was going to after I finished up outside. I was going to do some other stuff, " lied Emily trying to delay the shower.
"Good for you, showing some initiative," said Sally as Emily left the house again. She got out the scrappers and brushes to get the fence ready to paint. It was tedious work, but at least she wasn't showering in her brother's body. She saw her dad's car pull in, marking that it was already about 5pm, since he was back from fishing with his buddies. Roger came to the back yard.
"Getting a jump on things, hey sport? I'll get changed and help you finish up so we can paint this thing tomorrow. The yard looks good, by the way." Roger went inside for about 10 minutes before coming back out to help. The time marched along and at 6pm, Sally came out to tell them to wash up for dinner.
Emily went up to Jake's room and took out a change of clothing. She marched to the bathroom, like a student sent to the principal's office. She went in and locked the door. With a deep breath she took off the t-shirt. So far, so good. Then she took off the shorts and stared at herself in the mirror. She put her hand on the counter and then stood up straight and put her hands on the boxers, and pulled down. They came off, just like her underwear does, but there was a penis under there. She looked at it for a moment before looking at the mirror. She turned on the water and stepped into the shower. She grabbed her usual shampoo and put it in her hair, smelling of raspberries. She then grabbed her Loofah and put on her body wash. She was rubbing her body, and finding it easier since she didn't have to go through all the nookes and crannies of her breasts. She was cruising along until she reached her new penis. Now she was at an impasse. She knew it smelled bad and needed a wash, but didn't want to touch it. She closed her eyes and started to lather up the area, and found that the shaft got a bit firmer. She was turning herself on in her brother's body. Gross. She started to think of her friend Mara kissing her, but found that only made things worse for some reason. She stopped cleaning herself and turned off the shower. She dried herself off, just dabbing but the penis. She put on the new clothing as quickly as possible and went down to help with dinner. It was small talk at the table and then after cleanup, everyone went back to their rooms. Emily closed the door to Jake's room and decided it was close enough and went to bed for the night.

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