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35. Susan and Alan - Bianca arrive

34. Susan and Alan - next few week

33. Susan and Alan - getting there

32. Susan and Alan - second trimes

31. Susan and Alan - rest of the f

30. Susan and Alan - first several

29. Susan and Alan - rest of the d

28. Susan and Alan - Failed the te

27. Susan and Alan - the big test

26. Susan and Alan - Medallion Fou

25. Susan and Alan - Getting home

24. Susan and Alan - porn

23. hotel?

22. Spa Day

21. waking up

20. Alan's turn to cause some misc

19. rest of the night - part 2

18. the rest of the night

17. After a long day

16. Long morning

Susan and Alan - Bianca arrives

on 2020-10-31 00:17:43

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The next few weeks were a blur. Setting up a nursery, getting supplies, prepping food, arranging care for Scott on the day of delivery as well as trying to get SOME sleep. There were a few doctor visits, where Susan and Alan saw the baby grow and got some final testing done. Alan got a Tdap, to make sure the baby has some protection. Sam would stay the night about once a week. After week 34, Alan had to watch Susan and Sam enjoy themselves, since they didn't want to set off early labor. It was sexy watching Sam get fucked by her husband, but very frustrating. Alan couldn't wait to have sex with his husband again
All of a sudden, it was the end of week 38. Alan's breasts started to leak a little, so he started to wear the nursing bras he bought with Susan. A couple days later, he felt Biance shift a bit into the pelvis, getting ready for her exit. Alan started to feel a nervous, since he would be delivering soon. He had memories of Susan giving birth to Scott, and it was a loooong 22 hours. Susan tried to convince Alan to try a natural childbirth, but he shot that down quickly.
On day 3 of week 39, Alan felt a pain he had never felt before. His abdomen felt like a massive knot, and he felt his legs give a little. He also felt water soak his panties, and then rush down his legs. His water broke! He called Susan at work, and told her to come home. Susan called her sister Sam to get Scott. Alan had another contraction while he was waiting for Sam and his husband to get home. Sam came in and give who she thought was her sister a hug, as Alan started another contraction, wondering where "Alan": was. Alan said he was on his way. Susan came in a few minutes later.
"Susan, I'll get the birthing bag while you get in the car, OK?" said Susan running up the stairs.
"Ok Alan," said Alan waddling to the car.
Sam said she'd be there when Scott got home.
Alan and Susan started driving to the hospital
"Big day, huh Susan?" said Susan
"Sure is, " said Alan doing his breathing. They checked into the hospital, and got wheeled up to labor and delivery. Alan was a few more contractions in, they were getting stronger. He really wanted the epidural. They got into room 4, and Alan was told to change into the gown. They started an IV and put something on him to monitor the baby's heart rate. The OB Dr Nicholas came in after about 20 minutes and another 4-5 contractions.
"Hey, good afternoon. It's a good day to have a baby. Susan, this time it'll be a little faster since this is your second child. I'm going to see how we are doing." Dr Nicholas put her fingers into Alan and felt around. Alan felt a little aroused, since he had no sex for over 4 weeks, despite pregnancy hormones trying to coax him onto his husband's big cock.
"8cm already Susan, this could be very quick. I'll be back to check in a little bit, feel free to try any position to help get yourself as comfortable as possible. Anesthesia should be here soon to get your that epidural you requested."
Alan was in agony every 3 minutes, for 60 seconds each time. How did Susan do this last time? After another 30 minutes, the OB came in
"Sorry to tell you Susan, but we cannot get you the epidural. A trauma came into the ER and our anesthesia specialist cannot get away from the OR just yet. With the frequency of your contraction, you are going to have to do without." said the OB while doing another exam.
"What?" yelled Alan through gritted teeth
"I'm sorry, but we are going to have to do this with only oral and IV meds. You are at 9 cm. Just keep breathing, Susan"
"Fuck, I'm not ready for this." yelled Alan again.
"Honey, you can do this." said Susan
"You owe me big for this Alan," said Alan.
"He sure does, " said Dr N.
"Susan, you probably have another hour before we can try serious pushing. I'll have some oral narcotics ordered for you." Dr N stepped out. Alan got some morphine and felt a little better, but was having a contraction every 2 minutes now. He felt like his belly was going to split open and get sucked in at the same time.
"I never should have let you fuck me when we used the medallion, " cried Alan.
"Sweetie, I know it's hard. Trust me, you'll be OK."
"You put a baby in me, Alan. I shouldn't have had a baby, it was supposed to be you."
The nurses looked at Alan oddly.
"I think she's in a lot of pain, " said Susan.
More time passed and Dr N came back and did another exam.
"10 cm, Susan, you are ready to push out a baby. Let's do this!" Dr N got her stuff together to deliver while Alan was having contractions. Susan was secretly thanking her lucky stars that it wasn't her this time.
"Push push push, " said Dr Nicholas as Alan tried to push with all his might. He felt like there was a football in his pelvis trying to get out. He wanted it out to be done, but didn't want it out because the pain was so bad trying to push it out. Just when he had a minute when there wasn't pressure,the next contraction would start. It was a cycle of pain like he never wanted to experience. All of a sudden, the pressure was gone. There was a feeling of relief, punctuated with a cry. All of a sudden, a baby was given to him on his chest. All he could do was cry in joy, at seeing his baby and being done with labor.

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