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2. If we can't put things back to

1. You Are What You Wish

Sleepless night, prying eyes, and tests

on 2006-09-17 01:11:28

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The next morning, Karyn crept into homeroom late and slid in beside Jon. Ms. O'Keefe marked her down tardy with a look of surprise, then went back to grading lab papers as her students chatted.

"I need to use the stone." she hisses.

Her eyes were bloodshot.

"Something up?"

"Not only are guys openly gawking at me, and not only do I have an Honours English test in fifteen minutes and can barely keep my eyes open," but these," she says, cupping her breasts like the unwelcome intruders they are, then feeling the eyes on her, crosses her arms and slouches under the table "woke me up every time I turned over. I finally got to sleep just as the sun was coming up, but when I ran for the bus... I guess I know why I suddenly have so many sports bras. These hurt when I run."

"Karyn. It's permanent."

"I had a lot of time to think last night. Maybe we can tweak it a bit; do some wishy-type spin control"

Jon looks at Karyn and sees 'the crazy zombie stare.' The last time he saw that, Karyn had just finished her fourth exam after a week of all-night cramming. Saying 'no' would be bad.

The rock in her hand, Karyn thinks carefully

"Okay, I'm getting gawked at, I'm uncomfortable and I've got a test in... thirteen minutes. First of all, I wish..."

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