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2. Karyn's big change

1. You Are What You Wish

Karyn's big change

on 2006-09-11 04:09:45

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(I didn't know where to place this, so I started from square one)

The next day after school, Karyn was walking down the street when she bumped into someone who seemed to come out of nowhere.
"I'm sorry, I didn't see you there " Karyn began until she was interrupted by the person.
"This will teach you to get in my way you little freak!" The person said something that Karyn could not understand, there suddenly was a flash of light and the person walked away.
Karyn began to start for home when suddenly her legs felt very weak. She made her way into an alleyway when they just gave out completely and she fell to the ground. Her legs began to contort and flail about as if they had a mind of there own. Karyn gasped as they began to elongate as her toes fused together at the tips. Suction cups began to appear on the bottoms of her legs as they took on a more pinkish color. She screamed in fear as her legs became tentacles before her very eyes. As soon as her legs stopped changing the tips began to roll in on themselves as bones that had not been there before started to form. Karyn screamed in pain as the tips took on a black tone and hooves appeared on the tentacles. They clopped on the ground every time the tentacles moved. Suddenly there was a pressure building up in her groin. Her pants became tighter as something began to grow and push out. Her pants were torn off in the front as she looked down to see an udder growing from her groin. An intense pain in her chest caused he to double over in pain, but she still had a perspective of sight. She had not noticed that eyes had grown on her tentacles, one for each suction cup. When she opened her original eyes she screamed in terror as she was greeted by a kaleidoscope effect. Her eyes had become like a flies as a third eye grew out of her head like an anglerfish's light. The pain in her chest focuses around her breasts as what looked like four spider's legs grew out from the base of each breast and tear through her shirt. Her tongue began to grow and roll onto itself making it imposable to talk. When she opened her mouth it shot out like a bullet and came back with the same amount of force. Her lips felt very dry and scratchy to the touch, they also felt very hard like bone. Her lips began to grow out from her face as they formed into a beak under her nose. Her nose began to grow out from her head as it turned into a trunk. Two lumps had started to grow at the base of her neck as she could have sworn that she heard voices in her head coming from the growing lumps that sounded like her voice. They then grew to the size of her own head as they became copies of Karyn's deformed head. Her necks began to grow as their spinal cords became very long; she soon had the same size neck as a giraffe. Suddenly small human legs spouted from the suction cups on her tentacles several tails from various reptiles grew out of her back as two large black bat wings exploded from her back. Her hands became very stiff as her fingers fused together to become claws. In the center of the claws two howling mouths grew and began to scream when ever the claw was opened. The changes stopped and Karyn could not understand why this had happened to her, or if it would happen to anyone else.

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