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10. Nadine Ferguson Switches With

9. Zoe the Chinese-Born Hippie Gi

8. Biff Meadows

7. Linda is Shopping For the Fami

6. So Who's Next?

5. Role Reveral :Stopping at a ga

4. aunt racheal

3. Role Revesal

2. Role Reversal

1. You Are What You Wish

Role Reversal: Caring About Different Things

avatar on 2013-10-03 14:26:00

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Nadine Ferguson (a very conservative Baptist girl who went to school with Jon and Karyn, and who had the reputation of being a "Bible-thumper") was buying a book from the Christian Bookstore, in a strip mall on the outskirts of town, when she noticed the commotion across the street. It was a construction site for some new chemical plant that she didn't really care about. But the people protesting it certainly did. She shook her head, leaving the store, and that's when one of those stupid hippies from the protest walked straight into her.

She scowled and said "Stupid hippie," then continued on her way, barely noticing the Asian girl apologizing.

Then Nadine began to get dizzy. She shook her head, causing her braided hair to whip back and forth. She then took a moment to clear her head, momentarily wondering if she had accidentally taken something before coming to the protest. "Feels like one of my trips," she muttered to herself, as she rushed back to her place in the protesting crowd. Once she got back, she picked up the sign that had been dropped by Zoe, and continued to protest against the construction of the chemical plant. Her friend Margaret Wood smiled at her, glad that she was back, then began shouting protests with her.

Back at the bookstore, Zoe was quite a different person. She was still an adopted Chinese girl, but she was no longer a hippie. Like the former Nadine, she was now a Baptist girl and a "Bible-thumper". She detested the fact that both her mother and her aunt were lesbians and had even told them to their faces that they were sinning against God. But they wouldn't listen to her. They'd rather wallow in their sin than make themselves right in the eyes of the Lord.

Tonight was the family dinner and Zoe was not looking forward to it. She considered not going and hanging out with her friend Tina Shepard instead. But her dad said he'd punish her in some way if she didn't go. That probably meant no allowance or getting grounded or something. She really hated her family. She tried so hard to make them see the light, but they all treated her like a pariah. Now and then, she wished she had been adopted by some other family, one that saw things the way she did, but no, she had to get the perverted family and she was stuck with them, unfortunately. Well, until she graduated high school ... then she'd finally be able to get out of there and live on her own.

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