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5. Role Reveral :Stopping at a ga

4. aunt racheal

3. Role Revesal

2. Role Reversal

1. You Are What You Wish

Rachael and Thea Woods

on 2011-03-15 23:58:44

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At the moment of Jon's wish his aunt Rachael was pulling into a gas station just on the edge of the stones range. Since Jon made wish about family Rachael will be part of the wish. As she pulled into the station another customer at the pump noticed her and was checking her out like she was a piece of meat.

That person was Thea Woods one of Lake Points most well known lesbian. Thea loved playing up the lifestyle to get a rise out of certain families in the town. She presented herself as butch with short hair, leather jacket, and masculine style cloths while still showing off her figure. She was filling her motorcycle when she noticed a car pulling in. The driver of the vehicle who got out to pump gas was a very attractive women who looked to be in her early thirties.

Not realizing that she was still staring until the women startled her. "Good afternoon nice day," said the woman.

In her embarrassed state she was about to respond when became really dizzy for sec when her head cleared she realized that was spilling gas onto the ground and herself. "Darn it now I going to smell like gas for the rest of day," said Thea. Momentarily cleaning of her hands with some wet wipes she keeps in her car she went to go pay for the gas. She had to get back on the road to finish her photo assignment for one of many magazines that freelances for.

After saying good afternoon she felt to the other woman Rachael felt the world was ripped right out from under her. Grabbing hold of her motorcycle for balance Rachael exclaimed, "Dam, I hate these fucking hangovers. I really need to listen to Krista when she's telling me not drink so much." After clearing the cobwebs out Rachael noticed the woman who pulled in minute ago was leaving. "Just as well I was staring at her like an idiot and if Krista was here she would be ripping me a new one for ogling the woman." said Rachael.

Once she was steady enough, she went an paid for the gas. Getting back on the bike she readjusted her bandana pulled a pair of sunglasses from the inside pocket of her leather jacket and put them on. Thinking to her self Better go an get cleaned up and pick up Krista. Don't want to be late for dinner with Linda and the kids. Dinner was something they did at least once a month as a family. Starting the bike she took off for home.

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