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10. Karyn wakes up first

9. Karyn uses her two heads to fu

8. Karyn explores her two-headed

7. Karyn uses the stone

6. Jon makes a wish

5. Have sex with the conjoined cl

4. Sarah and Karyn

3. Cloning Device

2. Jon's (perverted) fantasies

1. You Are What You Wish

A Wish to be in Two Places at Once

on 2020-10-25 17:13:12

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“Mmm.” “So it wasn’t just a dream.” Karyn said to herself as she stretched out before rubbing her four hands down her very own body. Her two heads biting their bottom lips as she felt between her legs.

Despite being fucked to the point of unconsciousness for a second time, Karyn was the first to wake up the next morning. She smiled down at Jon as he slept, his sleeping face less like that of a baby and more like that of a man who had barely escaped drowning.

It was cute in its own way, and she giggled as she brushed his hair out of his face. Since he had returned to the bed right after his shower, his hair had become a goofy mess. It was something she hadn’t really noticed with the lights dimmed and her heads between his legs, but with the early morning like peeking between the windows, she could see much clearer. She wanted to just sit there and watch him until he woke up.

...But at the same time, she was pretty hungry, and wanted to start working on breakfast.

The dilemma was a slight annoyance, until the obvious solution presented itself. If she wanted to be in two places at once, she should just wish for it to be possible.

Grabbing the stone, she thought about what she wanted and how to best word her wish. “I wish that I had the power to split myself into separate bodies that shared the same consciousness, and that these bodies could merge back together whenever I wanted, in whatever way I wanted.”

With the wish granted, Karyn tested her new power out, her two heads pulling away from each other, her arms rearranging themselves as a second set of shoulders formed. She split into two normal torsos on a singular pair of legs, before the legs themselves began to double and separate.

Karyn gasped as her two bodies looked at each other, their eyes searching every inch of their identical bodies before smiling at each other. “Now this” “is fun.” She giggled as she bent forward and gave herself a kiss on the lips.

It was so much easier than before, as she didn’t have to crick her necks in order to face each other. Though that didn’t mean it lost any of its magic.

She might have gone at it right then and there, if her stomachs didn’t growl, demanding attention. Giving two sets of giggles, one of her bodies got up without a word and started to head for the kitchen as the second turned back to watching Jon’s sleeping face.

“We are going to have so much fun together.”

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