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2. Jayden, 27 year old collector

1. Altered Fates

A lucky find for a collector.

on 2020-10-22 20:49:19

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Jayden Chamberlain barely believes his luck, the medallion he found at a garage sale a few hours ago. It was the Medallion of Zulo, which allowed the users to change their bodies quite freely every 12 hours.

He just tested it by using it on a hat his female friend left over, his body quickly changed. His hair grew out and his face softened, his chest grew out and his waist tightened. He felt his penis pulling in and his crotch inverting, his hips expanded. He felt his arms and legs shift, shrinking yet feeling firmer, his hand becoming dainty and manicured. He lost all his body hair, it absorbing into his body as his skin gain a tan. His legs followed his arms in becoming smaller yet feeling more defined. His feet shifting to fit his new body, finishing the change.

His friend was fit, she commonly swam for the fun of it, and did a few sports back in high school. Quickly, he grabbed some clothes that he could fit in without it being to lose, he then walked over to a cabinet and opened it.

You see, Jay wasn't just any random person, he was a magic seeker. When he was 19 he found a little ring at an antique shop, it was of a elephant, he remembered that his grand-aunt, Martha loved elephants, but was slowly suffering from memory loss due to an accident. While his grand-aunt might not remember him, he still wanted to get her something before anything worse happened. He gave her the elephant ring a few days later, but when Martha called him and said she wanted to talk with him. When he came over to the care home she greeted him in the same manner from before she lost her memories.

As it turns out, the ring caused her to remember most things, she was originally going to take it off. But felt like she shouldn't, and after sleeping on it, she was able to remember most of her life. They looked into it and discovered a few tales what the ring does, it caused the user to start remembering their past: If worn for only for a night it would give memories for a week at most, If worn a few(2-6) days it would double the time for each night, If worn for 7 days straight it could cause the memories to be back without it, the memories would only fade by something like dementia.

After learning that he found a magic ring, he became interested in looking for magic artifacts, using the ring to attune a magic sensor to start searching. He never went out of his way to search for the magic artifacts, but if his passive sensor unit goes off, he searches nearby to locate where the magic item is.

He made good money as a specialist at restoring memories and would travel for this work. He also works as a psychologist, trying to understand the human mind.

As he sets down the Medallion of Zulo inside he begins planning what to do with this new find.

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