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2. The Third Sex

1. You Are What You Wish

The third sex.

on 2020-10-18 09:33:39

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Jon thought for a moment, he'd always been curious about the possibility of a third sex. What would that mean for society? How could such a thing come about? And most importantly, what role would they play in reproduction? Those questions had burned at the back of his head for years, and finally he was in a position to make them reality.

As he reached for the stone, he mulled how he could word such a wish. His wish would have to create a third sex, that was not only distinct from the two established ones, but also needed to play a role in reproduction in some way. Would this new sex be just as common as the other two, making up a third of the population? Or would they be rarer? The actual logistics of how such a sex could have evolved felt unimportant to him, but he was curious nonetheless. The thought of how this new sex would dress and act also crossed his mind. Would they dress and act like one of the existing sexes? An amalgamation of the two? Or something else entirely? All these thoughts and more crossed his mind as he lay in bed, idly reaching down his pants for entertainment.

After some time, he sat up, now confident that he'd considered all the possibilities, John took a deep breath and uttered his wish:

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