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27. Susan and Alan - the big test

26. Susan and Alan - Medallion Fou

25. Susan and Alan - Getting home

24. Susan and Alan - porn

23. hotel?

22. Spa Day

21. waking up

20. Alan's turn to cause some misc

19. rest of the night - part 2

18. the rest of the night

17. After a long day

16. Long morning

15. that time

14. rest of the day

13. Packing

12. Mischief

11. Jeans

10. the next morning

9. Instinct Wants What It Wants

8. Alan's a Screamer

The big test

on 2020-10-04 04:00:14
Episode last modified by thisguy10101 on 2020-10-04 15:54:19

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Susan woke up first the next morning, before the alarm. She saw Alan sleeping next to her and thought about trying for a morning quickie. The call of nature made her change her mind. She felt her penis firm up a bit looking at her husbands upper body that was outside the covers. She didn't realize how hot she was until she was outside that body.
As she put up the seat so she could pee standing up, she took stock of her situation. First, she could pee standing up, which was a perk. Second, she got more respect when she was in her husband's body and third, she didn't have to risk getting pregnant. She went to the mirror to wash her face.
She and Alan had wanted a second child, but she did not want a second pregnancy. She looked back on the nausea, stretchmarks and breast soreness without fondness. She loved Scott, but she didn't want to do that again. The pain of the delivery, even with the epidural, was so much. The drugs wore off and that was tough. She talked to Alan about adopting, but he wouldn't hear of it. Then they got the medallion.
After the first night where she fucked Alan, she realized that she could get someone pregnant. So, she decided to turn Alan into her and herself into Alan. If he wanted another child, let him go through those nine months. She needed a way to have him stay her, so she figured what better way to have a guy change than to give him a period? Any lifeboat would do then. She gave him her top when she was midcycle and probably ovulating. She fucked him a few times, making sure to finish inside of him each time. It was easy, since he was so horny. The spa day with Sam worked out really well, even if it wasn't planned. It would give a chance for the egg and sperm to get together. The fact that the medallion was missing worked out nicely too. If all was going according to plan, there was a fertilized egg trying to implant itself now. Now it was time to test.
Susan walked over to Alan and gently shook him awake.
"Mornin' Alan...I mean Susan," said Alan.
"Good morning hon. We should probably get ready for our day. Ready to change back? Did you manage to find the medallion?"
"I did Susan. It's on my dresser."
"OK honey, you go first. I need to get my outfit ready for my sessions today."
Alan bent over to pick up one of his shirts from the ground and touch it to the medallion

Alan picked up his shirt.
"Hey Susan, did you wear this one when you were in this body?"
"Nope," said Susan putting a G-string on top of her yogapants and tanktop, waiting for Alan to use the medallion
Alan touched the medallion to the shirt

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