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2. A body to match

1. You Are What You Wish

A body to match

on 2006-08-11 03:35:21

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The next day Jon headed over to Karyn's house early. He ran the door bell and Karyn opened the door. She was wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt which was to small for her new breasts. She had dark rings under her eyes and she looked really tired.

"Geez Karyn, you look terrible." Jon said.

Karyn glared at him.

"You would look tired too if you had been squashed under giant breasts all night. So what are you doing here so early?" Karyn asked

"I thought of a way to possibly fix that wish you made yesterday. The stone can't undo wishes but it can make other wishes that can fix your wish like breast reduction surgery and hair dye."

Karyn thought about that for a moment and then knodded.

"Okay Jon, fix me."

"Okay I wish that Karyn's hair was dyed red just like it was before she made her wish."

The stone glowed and Karyn's hair grew shorter, curling back the way it was. Then her hair went red slowly from the roots out to the end. Karyn took out a compact and looked at herself.

"Okay now for the hard part.'Jon said and then he smiled slyly. "I wish Karyn's body matched her new breasts."

"What the... Jon why did you dooooooOOOOO... oh my god!"

Karyn developed a little bit of a belly. Her body began the shudder and she looked at her hands. Her fingers were becoming fatter. Karyn screamed and kicked her shoes off as her feet began to swell. Her rear was becoming larger and larger. Karyn's t-shirt was being pushed up by her growing belly, soon the shirt was being stretched to it's limit. The waist band of Karyn's jeans gave way, Kayn gasped, the pain of being cramed into jeans that where to small of her. Karyn gritted her teeth and soon she cried outloud as her clothes burst and her body filled out.

Both Jon and Karyn were dumb stuck.

"Oops" said Jon in a sheepish voice, "didn't see that coming."

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