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2. A dire warning

1. You Are What You Wish

Nothing comes for free

on 2006-07-03 05:05:23

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The next morning Jon woke up and instantly was reminded of the events of the previous day. Jon jumped out of bed and holding the stone in one hand dialed Karyn with the other.
"Karyn have you thought about what we are going to do with the stone?"
Karyn was very sleepy sounding as she responded.
"Well... While I was laying awake last night, and trying not to sufficate by the weight of my own breasts, I did think about Morgana."
"You know the creepy goth girl at school. The one that always stands in the corner and carries around Tarot all the time. She keeps saying that she's wicca, so maybe she can shed some light on the stone."
Jon grimmised,"Wicca's a load of bunk and Morgana is a lunetic"
Karyn raised an eyebrow, "Yeah and I'll bet you never thought there was such a thing as a wishing stone either. I say we give her a chance."
At school that day Jon and Karyn sought out Morgana during lunch and after a short explination of the situation sat awaiting her answer.
Morgana was a medium height girl, with jet black hair cut short. She was wearing a lot of eye make-up and a black dress. She rubbed her chin as she thought, before responding in her monotonus scratchy voice.
"This is a very powerful magical item we're talking about here, simply locking away isn't going to solve the problem, you need to seal stone's power away, frankly I'm not enough to do it... well not yet anyway. I will need to do research on the stone and it's properties before I can attempt a spell of binding. In the interem do not use the stone; Every time magic is used it disrupts the equlibium of the world. Making wishs on the stone could have consiquencs the like of which you could not possibly imagine. Nothing in this world is free, making wishes with this stone may have huge disruptive powers."
Jon rolled his eyes and said, "Yeah right try this on for size... I wish that you..."

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