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2. Running with Friends

1. You Are What You Wish

Jon's Daily Run

on 2006-06-30 19:02:53

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Jon thinks about what he should do with the rock. "I wish I had a medallion that would allow for a users to make bets on things and then cause the transformation that they bet about to occur." Suddenly, a medallion appears for him. He then heads off to the park to meet his friends for their daily run.

Jon gets to the park where he's meeting his friends. They are:

Liz: A teen your age with small to average sized breasts but overall is attractive

Maddi: A short teen your age with small (almost flat) breasts but is quite pretty.

Amanda: A teen your your age with average to slightly bigger than average breasts.

Jon is the only guy running in this group.

He explains that the medallion he has can make their runs more interesting and it can change anything about everyone and can allow "bets" to be made. Everyone sits around thinking about what the first portion of the run's bet should be. Finally Amanda speaks up. "What if we made it so that whoever finishes first breasts grow 2 cup sizes, then second place get's DD sized breasts, then third place place turns into a sports bra for the person who finishes first, then 4th into a sports bra for second place." Everyone in the group thinks it's a good idea, even Jon, because how often does a guy get the opportunity to know what it's like to have breasts? They all agree that it will last through the second section of the run than everything will go back to normal.

They begin their run, and after they finish the first portion who comes in first...

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