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20. Alan's turn to cause some misc

19. rest of the night - part 2

18. the rest of the night

17. After a long day

16. Long morning

15. that time

14. rest of the day

13. Packing

12. Mischief

11. Jeans

10. the next morning

9. Instinct Wants What It Wants

8. Alan's a Screamer

7. Crew Socks

6. Fun, but unsatisfying

5. Standard Game, New Play

4. At least he doesn't have big f

3. Bedroom Games

2. It's left over at the end

1. Altered Fates

Alan's turn for mischief

on 2020-09-14 23:31:32
Episode last modified by thisguy10101 on 2021-05-12 23:53:59

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Alan woke up first the following day, partly because he had to pee and partly because of Susan's penis poking him in the butt. He could feel his pussy tingling and starting to get wet at the thought of his wife's penis, but nature called. He saw the medallion on the floor near the drawer, where Susan dropped it. He bent over to pick it up, feeling his breasts move as he did so. He stared at it as he walked into the bathroom and closed the door by bumping it with his larger hips. He went over to the toilet and sat down. Over the last couple days, he got used to peeing sitting down and taking care of his vagina afterwards. He was also getting used to the dried cum on his vaginal lips. After intimately cleaning himself, he decided to take a shower, realizing he probably should have last night.

The water in his hair, going between his breasts and down his legs felt more intense than when he was a man. Granted, he had a vagina for a day or so, but it was nothing like this. Lathering up his breasts was a whole new experience. His nipples poked out and became more and more sensitive when he rubbed them clean. The tingling in his pussy came back, and he could feel his vaginal lips engorging. He couldn't help but rub his clit. His knees got weak. He put one then two fingers inside himself and rubbed his G-spot like Susan did last night. He leaned against the wall for support, thinking about the scissoring, which led to a doggy style fucking. Alan moaned aloud as an orgasm took him. If the orgasms were like that, maybe the occasional period was worth it.
Regaining his composure, he finished showering and dried off. He looked at himself in the mirror and saw Susan's face looking back at him.

He decided that it was his turn to cause some mischief. He put on one of his wife's nightshirts, and went down the hall. Scott's door was still closed. Alan went into the kitchen and put the medallion in the lesser used junk drawer in the kitchen. Alan giggled to himself and thought Susan would never find it there. Let's see what she thinks when she cannot find the thing. He went back upstairs and took off the shirt and went back to bed, cuddling up to his wife as the little spoon.

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