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4. Keep playing with each other

3. Experience Manipulator

2. Jon wishes up a device

1. You Are What You Wish

I Forgot

on 2010-05-27 02:24:55

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"Well Jon now that I've calmed down I guess that we can have fun with each other." Karen said.

"What do you mean?"

"Well... give me the gun please." Karen instructed as Jon handed over the gun. "I mean as long as what we do is for fun theres no problem. Besides there are some things I'd like to try on somebody that knows whats happening. Like trying this. You can't speak English! You know how to speak Spanish" Karen shouted as she pulled the trigger.

"Que! pero, que. Hablo Espanol, yo no hablo espanol. Kar-yn! No es bueno. Es dificil para mi." Jon said in Spanish. He couldn't believe that he was speaking a language without ever learning it, but he knew how to do it.

"HA HA HA!" Karen laughed as she saw the confusion on Jon's face. She pointed the gun at Jon again and said. "Don't worry Jon I'll fix it. You know how to speak english."

"Very funny Karen. Es hilarioso senora." Jon said.

"Wait you can still speak spanish?"

"Well you never told me to forget it so yes, yes I can speak spanish. Now its my turn to use it." Jon said as he grabbed the gun and pointed it at Karen. "You don't know how to feel phyisical pain."

"Well that will be interesting." Karen commented as she pinched herself as hard as she could. "Wow nothing. All I can feel is my hand on my skin." She then punched the floor as hard as she could leaving her knuckles red. "This is so strange. OK my turn again. In fact I'm going to see what happens if I think it." she said as she aimed at Jon's head. "Ok now to see if it worked. Jon, where is your porn?"

"It's right there on the bottom of my dresser. Why did I just answer that?" Jon asked.

"Oh just a little modification to our relationship. I made it so that you couldn't lie to me. Jon if you could change one physical thing about me what would it be?" Karen asked.

"I would make you a red head again." Jon answered.

"Aww thats sweet Jon. You really liked me for who I was for that you get a reward. You can lie about extremely personal matters to me." Karen stated "There you get to keep some secrets safe, but having a waffle and telling me it was a bagel isn't. Your turn." Karen said handing him the gun.

"Oh yes it is." Jon thought to himself as he raised the gun with a devious smile on his face.

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