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2. Weaker Gender

1. The Forum

Why weaker?

on 2012-07-06 20:06:17

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It begins to bother me more and more that even in this day and age where physical strength is seen less as a virtue that this community still seems set in the mindset that men are all physically stronger than women. What's more when you have a shift in gender the former woman becomes physically stronger even though no muscle mass has shifted. ??? Likewise men instead of just gaining a percentage of body fat added to their mass physically shrink loosing muscle. I mean it could be converted to lean muscle but no. All men who become women become dainty miserable women devoid of any skills shy of housekeeping?

That transitions nicely into my next point. How is it that you can go from being a business man all of your life and as a result of a change in gender you magically forget all your skills, knowledge, and experiences from not 2 seconds earlier? And These women many of whom have probably spent their entire lives doing things other than cleaning and cooking switch skill sets to become Captains of industry?

All I'm saying is that if the story dictates that these things be such then fine, but lets try to remember that men and women though on a whole are different we are much more similar than seems to be shown.

Just my two cents.

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