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2. Japanese Stewardesses

1. The Drafting Board

Japanese Stewardesses

on 2018-04-03 11:22:19

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Justin Rowland, David Anderson, and Brandon Stephens were super excited as they boarded their plane headed for Tokyo from Chicago, the three high school students having scored the highest on an essay contest their school was having to send the top scorers on a school sponsored week long trip to Japan.

Once they were on the plane, they took their seats and one thing that immediately caught their attention was the flight attendants that were working the flight. "Wow, those may be the hottest stewardesses I've ever seen." David says as his two friends nod their heads. They also noticed how most of the passengers were also Japanese.

Indeed the Japanese women working this flight were incredibly attractive. Curvy, busty, their tight uniforms showing off their curvy bodies. Their faces made up to make them look hot and sexy while their jet black hair was pulled into buns with their flight attendant caps on their heads.

As the boys were still seated and chatting, there was some discussion going on in the stewardess cabin as the ladies spoke to each other in their native Japanese tongue. "Looks likebwe're going to be short handed again by three." Megumi, the senior stewardess states.

"Maybe we can see if some of the passengers want to help and get paid?" Another one, Katsumi suggests.

Megumi thinks about it for a bit before nodding her head. "Maybe those American students would be up to help, earn a little spending money for their visit to Japan." She suggests. "Katsumi, go get them their name tags ready." She says.

The other women of their heads in agreement, thinking that is indeed the best option. However, what none of the women realize is that the Japanese airline company they work for has enchanted the name tags so that whoever puts them on is transformed into a hot and sexy Japanese stewardess who lives in Tokyo and forgets who they used to be.

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