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3. Alternate Reality Device

2. Jon wishes up a device

1. You Are What You Wish

ARD (Alternate Reality Device)

on 2007-01-16 22:00:01

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"I wish I had a device that would allow me to go to an alternate reality of my choosing."

As Jon said that, a device that looked like a sophisticated watch appeared on his wrist. On its small screen, menus appeared, each one for a different aspect of the device's functionality. It had many choices for alternate realities, each one beginning with the words WHAT IF.

Jon liked that, but he thought it might be easier if he could choose something that wasn't on the list. There were, in fact, infinite alternate realities.

"I wish that this device would allow me to choose alternate realities by voicing them." That way he could just say out loud where he wanted to go, instead of just picking it from the menu.

Another thing occured to him. He didn't want to go to another reality and end up having two of himself running around.

"I wish that if the reality that someone is going to has a version of him or her, then he or she will inhabit that version of him or her in that reality."

"You thought this thing through, haven't you," Karyn said.

"Yeah." He looked down at the device. "Now to see if it works."

"Where are you gonna go?" she asked.

Jon had something in mind. So, he said the words to activate the device: "What if ..."

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