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14. rest of the day

13. Packing

12. Mischief

11. Jeans

10. the next morning

9. Instinct Wants What It Wants

8. Alan's a Screamer

7. Crew Socks

6. Fun, but unsatisfying

5. Standard Game, New Play

4. At least he doesn't have big f

3. Bedroom Games

2. It's left over at the end

1. Altered Fates

That night

on 2020-08-05 21:22:04
Episode last modified by thisguy10101 on 2020-08-06 23:07:19

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Susan's penis slid out of Alan's pussy, allowing for some of the cum to drain out. She was in heaven. She felt powerful and in control. Her husband was panting for breath over a table with his womanly ass held up. Her hand went down his back on over the gentle curves of his ample butt. She had to do take control like that again. Unfortunately, with her penis came the refractory period when it just won't rise to the occasion.
Alan felt spent. His orgasm was even more intense than last time. Susan really knew what she was doing. Initially, he wanted his penis back so he could fuck his wife, but his wife really knew how to please him. He still didn't feel like he should have a vagina, but it was so satisfying when his wife brought him to the edge and then over. He could feel some semen running down his leg. Pushing himself off the kitchen table and stumble a bit as he left the kitchen.
"Susan, I need to clean up. I'll be back."
Susan admired his husbands butt, and then blinked. That wasn't the butt he had when he was his female self, that was her butt. She brought her hand to her mouth, thinking about how she used her thong, and not a new undergarment. She has just had sex with her own pussy. And she finished inside of it. Panic started to set in, realizing what that could mean. Where was she in her cycle? Was she on birth control when she last wore it? Did she miss a dose? How does she tell Alan? Should she tell him? She sat at the table and fiddled with the last couple pieces for donation pondering her next step.
Alan got to the bathroom and sat down. After a moment, he was urinating to help avoid any trouble. His wife said that cleaning after sex was important to avoid urinary infections. He realized how odd it was that he now had to worry about that. After washing his hands, Alan washed his vagina. After all the semen was gone, he opened the lips to see what he could see. At this angle, it wasn't much. Maybe he and Susan could try something out next time they had a day alone. Alan, stopped his mind wandering and went back to the kitchen, still naked.
"hey hon, that was amazing," said Alan.
"Sure was"
"As much as I want to keep fooling around, we have to finish before Scott gets back from Sam's," said Alan as he was putting on his sweatpants and shirt. He didn't put on the boxers.
"True. Our work is never done." They brought the medallion up to the bedroom with any extra clothing. Susan watched as his butt sways gently while going up the stairs.
They just finished putting the last of the items in the boxes and finishing up random snacks, as Sam's Prius pulled up and an excited 7 year old came bursting out of the back seat. Susan and Alan went to the front door to meet the arriving duo.
"Mom! Dad! I had the best time with Aunt Sam. We went to an arcade, got some comic books, talked about Aliens, and got Pizza!"
"We also did just a bit of shopping, so now he has some flip flops. He told me he outgrew the last pair. He's getting big Susan."
"Tell me about it. I feel like just yesterday he was our little baby," replied Susan as Scott went darting into the house and crashing up the stairs."
"Sam, you have no idea how helpful it was for you to take our little man for the weekend, " said Susan.
"I can guess, based on how you look. I'm not sure y'all got so sweaty from a packing a few a few boxes. Have a good night lovebirds, Ciao!" said Sam with a wink as she turned around and went back to her car.
"Busted," stated Alan.
"You are positively glowing, it's hard to miss sweetie."
Scott came down the stairs and ran into the kitchen. Alan and Susan looked at eachother and closed the door. They talked with Scoot about his day and started to get him ready for bed. As they were going to tuck him into bed, he asked, "Mom, dad, why are you walking funny? Are you OK? Did you drop a box on your feet yesterday?"
Susan and Alan looked at eachother.
"We are just sore from moving so much stuff. Don't worry, pumpkin, we will be right as rain tomorrow," said Alan.
Scott rolled over to go to bed. Susan and Alan left the room and went to theirs.
"We almost got caught by a 7 year old. We are going to have to be more careful," said Alan.
"Right. Well, we have some time before we can change back, so maybe we should make the most of it?" asked Susan with that look in her eye.
"Sounds good to me, but this time, I'm going to undress you."
Alan and Susan went to their room and closed the door. In their bedroom they fucked for the 3rd time that weekend, falling asleep in eachother's arms and not changing a thing.

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