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2. On second thought...

1. The Future of Gaming

I gotta be me.

on 2003-02-10 21:25:05

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After giving it some consideration, I decided to try and approximate my own appearance as much as possible. I wanted to be comfortably familiar myself, and felt that it would be easier to hook up with Suzie in this incredibley expansive virtual world if I had an appearance as close to my own as possible. I inspected the options menu, and found a utility that would reset the appearance of the avatar to that of an uploaded photograph. Exiting the game, and removing the unit, I moved as quickly as possible. I found a recent photo of myself and inserted it into the device. I then went through the start-up procedure again, and found the avatar displayed to be a pretty good likeness of myself. My slight 5'7 frame, average looks, brown hair, and slightly oversized nose were captured perfectly. I then selected half-eleven, deciding to do so as a nod to Suzies selection. A pair of requisite pointy ears shimmered into existence on the sides of my head. The menu next asked for my choice of character class. After much consideration I chose MAGIC USER. I thought magical powers would be pretty cool. It then confirmed my choice, stating that I would be a first level magic user, an apprentice. I then outfitted myself with green trousers, a white peasent shirt, and brown calf-length boots. A brown leather belt with a large pouch on the right side completed my gear. I was then asked where I would like to enter the game. I typed in Epic City, my excitement was overwhelming. I couldn't wait to explore this new world with Suzie. Finally, a promt asking me if I was ready to enter sprung into view. I typed YES with greater speed than I ever had before. A bright flash of light enveloped me. I lost all sense of perpective and was overcome with a wave of nausea. Then everything clarified....

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