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2. Iridescent Sun's progress and

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Iridescent Sun's progress and relating issues...

on 2012-06-30 14:52:40

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First, before I talk about the last episode regarding Nadine, I want to talk about my own progress. I got some work done on it (not much, but enough that it isn't that bad), and I'll see about getting it done tomorrow as best as I can. Then, I'll work on that scene where Nadine and her family is having a dinner meeting with the White (the priest and wife, as well as the pure-hearted demon imp daughter). However, after that...well, considering my inactiveness lately, I'll draw myself out of the equation for a bit until I get over this stupid lack of motivation I have been suffering from, because I would honestly hate myself if I would hold you guys back because of it.

If you planning to used Mary Summer, I am planning on her staying home for a little bit, on the order that she need to schedule and check in to the doctor for a check-up involving her horn being broken off halfway (I'll explain why in my episode, because it does involve a bit beyond Crawford's concern with the teacher's health). After I had to do some research on what would happen in doing so (heh, doing research on a fictional creature is quite silly, but still), from what was said about doing so would just leave her magic weaken, but her horn (and most likely her mystic power) will regenerate over time. Before I closed this up, I am going to reveal what I had planned for guys was aiming for an unicorn creature, but I decided to take it a bit farther and made her into an alicorn (or otherwise known as a winged unicorn) creature, with her white (unless you want it in a different color wings design to fold on her shoulder, somewhat kinda like how Demona from Gargoyles (but, less like a cape). And, before you say anything...while there may be a hint of inspiration from a certain show (yeah, I watched it and I'm not embarrassed by it, heh), I did look at real mythological data on the subject, and there are actually subject on said creature.

Now, relating to the last episode, Harm Limitation, I am finding a sad repetation of reading that Nadine is an all-knowing goddess that is all-divine. I thought we had agreed a while back that was a big no-no (only those who transformed into a special class of god/goddess, like the moon goddess for example, and even then, there should be some form of limitation outside their representation), and that despite being a goddess, Nadine is still mentally human (with the exception of gaining a bit of a maternal feeling for people, not including her family and her closest friends, who she treat like normal, and maybe a slight enhanced learning curve...not that big of a curve, but better than an average human). And, furthermore, we had also agreed not to use any god/goddess in a form of deux ex machina (at least to a certain extreme), and unfortunately, Nadine is being used just like that in this episode.

And, I'm not sure how she learn about the 'Enemy', since like I said before, she is not all-knowing. And, since I haven't heard anyone in the story even mention the 'Enemy' to her, I highly doubt she would know about them.

Also, please excuss any spelling and grammar mistakes in this topic, I'm a bit too lazy right now to check for any right now. And, I hope that I have explain everything like I wanted to, since it can be easy for my message to take an unknown direction because I didn't expressed it correctly. If it did, ask anything involving the issue(s) and I see if I can explain it better.

Lastly, on a warmer note, you guys are doing a great job with this and with the characters! Especially with Lucas, that angel cracked me up~!

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