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2. New Author With a Secretary Tr

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Looking for someone to collaborate

on 2018-04-02 12:35:30

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Hello, new author here looking for someone to collaborate on some ideas I have.

One is about a group of high school students as part of a class take a field trip to an office building where its very old school in that all the women work as secretaries or receptionists and they all wear skirt suits, have their hair in buns and wear glasses. The women are all in their late thirties-mid forties and very curvy, busty, and attractive and don't mind being treated like objects, in fact they enjoy it.

On the same day as the field trip, some new secretaries/receptionists are supposed to start and know they will be transformed into the type of women the company wants and have agreed to those terms. The transformation will also warp reality to where they had always been that way and even have their minds and personalities changes to where they are also married mothers and forget who they used to be. The trigger that begins the transformations is when they sit on the chairs sat their desks.

However before the new hires arrive, some of the students get bored and go off on their own, finding the empty desks and sitting down, now being the ones to transform into the new secretaries/receptionists.

Any thoughts?

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