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6. Not at home

5. Jasmine

4. Whats different ...

3. Princess ...

2. A boy who loves Disney cartoon

1. The Future of Gaming

Gap Year Princess.

on 2011-11-13 10:19:06

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As you look around the room, something strikes you as being a little off. There is a creaking in the background. Not a worrying noise but a regular noise. You pull yourself away from the mirror and take a look out the window.

From there you get a fantastic view over Epic City. You realise that you are in a ship, and a long way from Agrabah. Your chamber maid comes in and expounds for you.

"Oh my dear, I don't know why you insisted on this voyage before your wedding to that nice Aladdin boy. I was even more surprised when your father agreed." She continues on in this vein for a while, and when you walk out the room, she follows still talking away.

You are surprised by the size of the ship, there are at least four decks. The captain greets you when you walk on to the bridge. Your maid still flaps away behind you, "Mistress... you can't simply wear your usual blue outfit here, it's a different culture.... Oh hello Captain Gregor." You nod a hello/goodbye to the captain and go stand on the main deck. The smells of the harbour fill your nose, and suggest adventure to you.

You ignore the maid, and head down the gangplank. Searching for Suzie could be fun in this city. From the ship you saw several interesting looking buildings, and the Market looked like it would sell all sorts.
You find that having a female body is less of a distraction than you thought it would be. Perhaps, it will become more of an issue in other situations.

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