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2. The next day before school

1. You Are What You Wish

Jon sets it up

on 2006-06-17 03:01:40

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The next day before school, Jon made a few wishes to make the day more interesting.

1.All girls at his school would have no knowledge of the stone.
2.All female teachers would turn into 25 year olds.
3.All girls at his school would have at least double d cup breasts.
4.All female students would wear extremely revealing clothes all the time around town.
5.All female students would were extremely revealing bikinis.
6.All female students become sex obsessed and the teachers do not care what they do to boys.
7.If a female student is asked directly by a male student to do something, they must do it.
8.No matter how close a female student who attends school in Jon's town, she would not notice anything is different.
9. No one who live in Jon's town may leave the town.

After Jon made these wishes, he chuckled to himself and thought about all the fun he would have at school. When he arrived, he saw that his wishes had taken effect. He got so distracted that he dropped the stone. It was picked up by...

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