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2. Everyone thinks Sarah is a guy

1. You Are What You Wish

Everyone thinks Sarah is a guy

on 2006-05-22 07:13:29

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"Well, what should we wish for first?" asked jon in the hallway the next day as school was letting out.

Karyn was about to answer, when Sarah suddenly walked by and bumped into her.

"Watch it!" said Sarah angrily, and flashed Karyn an angry glance. sarah then ran over to meet up with her boyfriend Carl the captain of the football team. All the guys in the hallway were staring at sarah the whole time.

"I think we should wish something about sarah." said karyn. "she thinks she's so hot."

"Should we make her ugly or something?"

"Naw, I've got it. Make it so everyone sees her as a guy, but she still sees herself as a girl."

"Okay, I wish that tomorrow when Sarah wakes up everyone except her, karyn, and me will see her as a guy. Also her clothes will look like guy's clothes to everyone except her, karyn, and me."

The next day, sarah woke up late. She hurriedly showered and got dressed in her normal school clothes, and then ran to her car and sped to school. Her first class was gym, so she quickly ran to change in the girl's locker room.

"hey, girls!" she said to all her cheerleading friends.

All the girls started screaming and pointing at sarah.

"What's wrong?!" asked sarah.

"There's a boy in the girls' locker room!" someone screamed.

"Where?" asked Sarah.

Girls ran around putting their clothes back on. Mrs. Johnson, the girl's gym coach came running in when she heard the screaming.


Sarah was getting more and more confused every second. "I'm getting dressed for gym class!" she cried.


"I AM using the proper locker room!"

Some of the girl's laughed at this, "I bet he's gay." one of them giggled.

"Right this way, young man!" said Mrs. Johnson, grabbing Sarah by the arm and escorting her out the door, which she slammed behind her.

Sarah was beyond confused at this point. Luckily, she spotted her boyfriend, who was about to walk into the boys' locker room.

"Carl!" she cried.

"What's wrong, dude?" asked Carl.

Sarah wondered why Carl called her "dude" instead of his usual "baby", but ran and hugged him.

"Woah! What are ya doin', dude!?"

"Honey, why are you yelling at me?" Sarah cried.

"Look, man, I didn't know you were into dudes, but we don't have time for this, we gotta get ready for gym, come on!"

"But I can't go in there! That's the BOY'S locker room!"

"Um, YEAH, so?"

Sarah slowly walked into the room. It looked almost just like the girl's except the walls were blue instead of pink. She wondered why nobody seemed to think it was odd that she, the hottest girl in school, was in the boy's locker room. This had to be some kind of prank, but it was pretty elaborate.

"C'mon, get a move on!" said Carl.

Sarah wondered what she should do. Should she change into her gym clothes in front of all these guys? Carl yelled again, so she started to take off her clothes.

Lucky for Jon, he had the same gym class as sarah...

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