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2. More Reader Assumptions

1. You Are What You Wish

More Reader Assumptions

on 2006-04-21 22:53:51

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The next morning Jon and Karyn met to decide what to do with the stone.

"Did you decide on anything?" wondered Karyn.

"I don't know," replied Jon. "I could wish for money, I could get a new car, or better grades, I could make everyone in the school fall for me...."

"There's a lot of things you could do," said Karyn, "but not as many things as you should do."

"Yeah," replied Jon, chuckling. "Do I really want everyone in the school to fall for me? Maybe just Ron Simpson. He recently broke up with Ashley, you know."

"But he's straight," said Karyn. "If you don't want to screw with his head you'd have to change into a girl to have him fall for you."

"Just because I'm bisexual," said Jon, "doesn't mean I want to turn into a girl. There has to be something else I can do with this stone that's useful, safe, and that I can do without acting like a monster...."

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