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2. False Life

1. You Are What You Wish

False Life

on 2006-04-13 23:20:21

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The next day, Jon met Karyn before school.

"Hi, Jon!" said Karyn.

"Hi," said Jon. "We'd better sit down and start thinking. There's only about twenty minutes before school starts."

"Yeah," replied Karyn. "Did you wish for anything the other night?"

"Just a few little things," said Jon. "Got a new video game machine, some pocket money, wished away a skunk that was roaming around outside the house... We'd better make this fast. I wish you knew what wishes I made in the past day."

Karyn looked at Jon as if he had suddenly grown horns.

"Karyn?" said Jon. "Is something wrong?"

Karyn didn't say anything.

"Please, tell me!"

"Jon," said Karyn. "You made some wishes last night for video games. You also made some wishes yesterday for the tree branch and my hair and boobs. And even before that--almost but not quite a day ago--you wished that you didn't feel bad about your boyfriend moving away."

"Huh, Karyn? What are you talking about?"

"Jon," said Karyn, "you were a girl! You wished yourself into a guy by accident. Your boyfriend had to leave the area and you missed him. You made a bad wish, and it turned you into a guy with no memory of being a girl."

"You mean I've always been a girl? But I am a guy! I remember my whole life..."

"Because the stone changed everyone's memory and everything else. Inside the range, anyway. If I had come to town just a little later, I'd have wondered why my friend turned into a guy...."

"Karyn, are you pulling a prank on me?"

"Of course not!"

"I wish I knew if Karyn was lying or pulling a prank on me... oh, god, you're not lying, Karyn. What do I do?"

"You could change back," said Karyn. "You can wish that you didn't miss your boyfriend because you just forgot him for a couple of hours."

"I'm not a girl, Karyn! I wouldn't want to change back to one..."

"Are you sure?" asked Karyn. "And even if you don't permanently change back, there are plenty of things you could do."

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