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2. Friends?

1. You Are What You Wish


on 2006-04-10 23:55:58

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Jon sat on his couch, pondering his newfound gift. Racking his brain for hours, he couldn't come up with any good ideas to test out the tremendous power he'd be given. To be entirely honest, the sheer magnitude of the small stone resting in his palm terrifyed him.

So he sat and watched TV, in an attempt to clear his head. Perhaps if he could give his aching brain a break, he'd be able to come up with a suitable way to use the rock.

Flipping idly through the channels, Jon came across FRIENDS. Normally he wasn't a huge fan of the show, but he had to admit, he had something of a soft spot for Jennifer Aniston. Especially how she looked during the early 90's on FRIENDS, more voluptuous than she was nowadays.

Unfortunately for Jon, FRIENDS provided far more of a distraction than he had bargained for. Oblivious to the stone, and unused to the consequences of having it, Jon let slip an idle wish: "Man, I wish I could get into Jennifer Aniston's pants somehow."

Suddenly, a warmth emanated from the stone. Realizing the impact of what he'd just said, Jon blanched. He had begun to feel very, very strange. . . .

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